Social Impact MBA


We prepare you for socially responsible leadership

The Social Impact MBA is a rigorous program designed to give you the strategic management, leadership and financial skills you will need to meet the unique challenges of mission-driven organizations. Whether you’re building your own social enterprise, managing corporate social responsibility, consulting for social sector organizations, or directing nonprofit programming, our curriculum will give you the skills you need to lead—regardless of sector.

Inside the Classroom

In the classroom, you will learn about socially responsible leadership in classes that are taught using the case method, where you will put yourself in the shoes of a case protagonist and explore a real life organizational dilemma. You will master the fundamentals of management, including strategic visioning; budgeting; workplace operations assessment; mobilizing diverse groups; and financial statement analysis. But unlike other MBA programs, you will be immersed in classrooms where all faculty and students are deeply committed to advancing social change.

Outside the Classroom

Outside the classroom, you will tackle real-world challenges for mission-driven organizations during your 4-month Team Consulting Project. You’ll enhance your skills and expand your network through our Board Fellows Program, the Brandeis Net Impact Chapter, and through social entrepreneurship activities such as the Heller Startup Challenge.

Course Sequence

The standard MBA program curriculum is 68 credits taken over 16 months and condenses two years of study into four consecutive, intense semesters – ideal for people eager to return to the workplace and quickly put their new skills into action. The curriculum includes the following core courses.

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Diversity-Related Courses at Heller and Brandeis

As a Heller MBA student, you can take a wide variety of classes on global injustice and social inequality, women in the workplace, intercultural communication, critical race theory and more. 

Daniella Fernandes

Get a student's perspective on the Team Consulting Project

In the first chapter of her Team Consulting Project (TCP) Diary, dual degree student Daniella Fernandes gives readers an inside look at the process of selecting a client organization and forming a TCP team.