Course Descriptions

HS 321F — Social Justice and Philanthropy: Effective Grantmaking Tools and Strategies

Provides students a strong grounding in the history, evolution, roles, contributions, and complexities associated with philanthropy in the United States. As the course progresses, it focuses increasingly upon social justice philanthropy, which, though it has no official definition, directs dollars in order to make society and its social institutions fairer, more inclusive and equitable. Social justice philanthropy typically aspires to attack complex problems at their roots so as to prevent the symptoms usually treated by more traditional charities and foundations. It also is typically participatory in that it seeks to include community members in decisions about how to allocate grant dollars. Students will engage in active discussion and in-class learning activities centered around timely readings and cases that illuminate contemporary questions related to philanthropy’s appropriate role, its inherent power and that critique its effectiveness in alleviating social problems and advancing social justice. Usually offered every year.