Course Descriptions

HS 342F — ESG Measurement and Impact Investing

ESG investing has emerged as a default approach to investing for many across the globe. But the practice of ESG analysis and measurement is multi-faceted and issue specific. With new forms of ESG data arriving and evolving standards for ESG data disclosure from companies and investors alike, the landscape is shifting rapidly. In addition, impact across other asset classes has developed to allow for full portfolio alignment according to specific goals and metrics. How do investors incorporate ESG data effectively into stock selection? How do stakeholders use this information to help influence corporate action through shareholder advocacy and policy change? How does impact investing extend to other asset classes, such as bonds and private investments? How do we measure impact for specific ESG issues, such as climate risk management, diversity & inclusion, and ESG disclosure, as well as across a portfolio?

Through case studies and discussions with professional practitioners, this course explores the evolving approaches to harnessing ESG data in practical terms, with real world tools useful for investors, advocates, and company executives. Usually offered every year.

Paul Hilton