Course Descriptions

HS 273F — Law and Social Justice: Gender Equity Policies and Litigation

Meets for one-half semester and yields half-course credit.

Explores issues of gender equity that arise in different contexts, including in the state's treatment of its citizens in the workplace and within the family. Central to the course is the study of laws that impact women's lives. These include civil rights laws as well as laws related to sexual coercion and exploitation of women. The course is loosely divided into three areas of study. During the first few weeks the course examines the history of women's rights and the development of constitutional protection of them. Next, it looks specifically at laws aimed at securing women's economic equality with emphasis on workplace antidiscrimination provisions. In the final weeks, it examines the problems of violence against women in the home and elsewhere and the law's response to it. Usually offered every year.
Anita Hill