Course Descriptions

HS 240F — Contemporary Issues in Gender and Public Policy

Meets for one-half semester and yields half-course credit.

Provides a deep dive into the analysis of contemporary gender-related policy issues, such as health, domestic violence, military service, reproductive rights, equal employment opportunity, child and dependent care. While we will focus primarily on the US, we will also explore the implications of these issues for women globally. Special emphasis will be placed on the connection between theory and practice and the intersectional issues of gender, race, identity, and culture. This course investigates basic concepts about sex, gender, and sexuality and considers how these categories intersect with issues of race, class, ethnicity, family, religion, age, and/or national identity. Each week we will discuss perspectives on how to move policy forward in consideration of these issues and develop a shared framework for policy gender analysis by the end of the course. Each week I will challenge you to think about the ways in which current thinking about sex, gender, and sexuality formed our experiences and understandings of ourselves, the world we inhabit, and the world we envision? Usually offered every year.
Sangeeta Tyagi