Course Descriptions

HS 272A — Responsible Leadership

Examines whether leadership is good news or bad news. It is about leading, but it might also be about misleading. It is more than just good intentions, charisma, a personal gift, or features of a person; it is about impact, serving justice, positive values and the community; it must be done right. When it is exercised properly, the good must ensue for most of all, while empowering the voiceless, the weak, the least privileged, the most at risk, the disenfranchised. That is why this course is not interested merely in a leadership that is just another word for power at any cost, just an instrument for any cause. All together, the class will be spotting responsible leadership, where the solutions of women and men of power respond to the problems of the people, to whom they are accountable for. Usually offered every year.
Alain Lempereur