HS 481B — Relational Coordination Master Class

Yields half-course credit.

Students will learn about relational coordination—and its impact on quality, safety, efficiency, employee well-being, learning, and innovation. Students will learn how to analyze work processes that pose a coordination challenge, mapping out the current state of relational coordination, and assessing areas of strength and areas in need of improvement. Students will learn how to diagnose these structures that weaken or strengthen relational coordination. Students will be introduced to the Relational Model of Organizational Change as a guiding framework for designing interventions. Moving from analysis to action, you will engage with key stakeholders regarding the coordination challenge you have identified in your PFE Project and use tools from this Master Class to refine the scope of your PFE Project and to carry it out successfully. Offered as part of the Heller Executive MBA for Physicians.
Jody Gittel