Course Descriptions

HS 250F — Dynamics of Intercultural Communication

Meets for one-half semester and yields half-course credit.

Engages students to honor and share their own culture while developing a capacity to be inclusive of many other cultures; progress from an ethnocentric toward an ethno-relative sate of understanding and acceptance of cultural differences; view cultural differences objectively and understand that differences are not hierarchical; identify and appreciate the beliefs, values and norms of their own culture, and recognize and articulate differences and commonalities in the cultures of others; demonstrate increasing ability to communicate with non-native speakers, as well as persons who exhibit a different worldview, value system and communicative style; analyze and synthesize large amounts of disparate information to produce relevant, insightful presentations; understand the relationship between national, personal, professional and organizational cultures; and learn to appreciate the challenges and develop key skills in cross cultural dispute resolution processes. Usually offered every year.
Theodore Johnson