HS 516F — Critical Race Theory, Intersectionality, and Applications

Meets for one-half semester and yields half-course credit.

Begins with the precursors to CRT, twentieth century critical theory and poststructuralist thought, origins of feminist and black feminist thought, critical legal studies, and the official separation from mainstream, predominantly white critical legal studies, which informed the first decades of the CRT theoretical framework. We will explore various concepts within CRT starting with its roots in the African-American experience and pioneered by African-American legal scholars, intersectionality, LatCrit, FemCrit, disability, various ethnic groups developing CRT in the recent past, such as Asian American studies, indigenous studies, and LGBTQ critical theory. We will also explore critiques of CRT before we move to Part II of the course that looks at applications of CRT and extensions in new directions. Usually offered every year.
Rajesh Sampath