HS 420F — Trauma: Towards Research-Informed Practice and Policy

Meets for one-half semester and yields half-course credit. Open to PhD students only.

Trauma, individual and collective, is prevalent and intersects with many social policy fields from substance abuse to sustainable development, from personal safety to national security. As a health issue, trauma is woven into our social fabric and implicated in family dynamics, labor relations, immigration, disasters, conflict, and more. This seminar explores types (e.g., physical, sexual, emotional, intergenerational, cumulative, complex, vicarious) and consequences of trauma, attending to historical, cultural, and social shaping of causes, experiences, and responses. Topics include embodiment, resilience, and measurement. Attention is focused on the existing state of knowledge, challenges in conducting research, and the development of trauma-informed practice and policy. Usually offered every year.
Ms. Kammerer