Course Descriptions

HS 233F — Social Policy for Shared Societies

Meets for one-half semester and yields half-course credit.

Examines the challenges emerging in the management of diverse societies. Refugee flows, forces migration, and labor mobility, have all contributed to societies that are increasingly pluralistic. States that are multiethnically, culturally, religiously, and racially shared are now more the rule than the exception. Accommodating, managing and appreciating such diversity in social policy programming has proved to be one of the major challenges that governments and societies face today. This course looks at how governments, NGO’s and and others can develop policies and programs in e.g. development, health, the environment, business and education so that such policies can prevent societal conflicts, and assist the creation of shared rather than contested and conflicted societies. The course will be particularly useful to those who are studying public policy and administration both domestically and internationally and who are interested in how social and policies can increase social cohesion in societies where there are social and identity divisions. Usually offered every year.
Ms. Fitzduff