HS 501A — Innovations in Health Systems

Open to doctoral students throughout The Heller School, and to Master’s students with permission from the instructor.

Building on The Heller School’s initiatives in health systems policy; behavioral health; assets and inequalities; children, youth and families; and organizational management, this course offers students didactic and experiential opportunities in transformational change concepts and activities supporting the redesign of care delivery, organizational cultural change, and innovations in care through positive relationships. The framework for this course will include a range of scientific approaches to understanding health care organizations, and real-world applications of delivery system innovations. This course implements and integrates (1) the science of clinical care including evidence-based practice, (2) the science of measurement and improvement including quality and efficiency improvement through lean and other methodologies, (3) the science of management including leadership, and (4) the social and positive relational sciences including relational coordination, relational coproduction, collaborative practices, and team-based service delivery. Usually offered every year.
Ms. Gittell