The Heller School for Social Policy and Management

COEX Concentration Semester Program

Two-year Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence 

Conflict spans every aspect of our society—across groups, nations, and regions of the world covering a multitude of social, economic, and political sectors.  To address this expanding ethos and to best prepare our students to tackle the issues of tomorrow, the Conflict Resolution and Coexistence program has launched the COEX Concentration Semester Program. 

This program is structured to add an additional semester of concentration coursework beyond the year and a half degree requirements for the general Conflict Resolution and Coexistence degree program. This intensive program requires a minimum of 56 credits to be completed in 21 months. After fulfilling the program requirements, students receive one degree with a concentration. 

The COEX Concentration Semester Program is geared toward enhancing the multidisciplinary career paths that many of our students aspire to fulfill by offering a concentration in Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Management.

The additional semester allows students to expand their knowledge of relevant humanitarian issues, bolstering their skill sets and job prospects upon graduation. 

Program Highlights:

  • Students remain in residence for extended and comprehensive study, designed to enhance their knowledge and practical skills in humanitarian aid delivery.
  • An extension of the COEX program to two years to support those wishing to pursue a PhD after graduation, or gain additional skills.
  • A Field practicum in a related humanitarian aid organization over the summer between year one and two
  • Assigned MA COEX faculty and practicum advisers
  • The completion of a Master’s paper and capstone presentation
  • COEX students who have begun the general degree program can add the concentration semester as long as they are in good academic standing.

Program Details:

  • Twenty-one months in residence with 56 credits required
  • Complete required courses and requirements for COEX degree program for a minimum of 40 credits
  • Complete all required courses and requirements for concentration for a minimum of 16 credits
  • Three-month minimum required practicum
  • Pending completion of requirements, students will graduate in May of year two with a Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence with a concentration
  • Note: Students who wish to work primarily as development practitioners should instead apply for admission to the SIDCO dual degree program.