The Heller School for Social Policy and Management

COEX Capstone

At the end of each semester, after writing their final reports, our students have a unique opportunity to present their findings at a Capstone event. Here they have the chance of presenting before an audience, which is composed of students in their class, as well as the new students. Field supervisors, alumni, staff, faculty, supporting partners and others from the Heller and Brandeis community are also invited to join.

Though students are strongly expected to make this formal presentation in person, there might be constraints that do not make it possible to return. In this exceptional case, students will secure an Internet connection or other virtual means so that they can report on their work via Skype or Adobe Connect interaction.

We believe that the entire COEX community should benefit from this learning, and that as a student, they/he/she benefit/s from other fieldwork presentations. Therefore, the Capstone is a great way of coming back together for a last experience of joint learning in this ongoing relationship between theory and practice, reflection and action.

Eli Nyuwa, MA COEX’18, presents his capstone “Rethinking Neurological, Behavioral, and Psychological Effect of Social Exclusion.”

Some recent capstone topics have included:

  • “Measuring Peace: Using Data in Monitoring and Evaluating Peacebuilding Interventions,” by Jaffar Alizadeh, MA COEX’18
  • “Building on Traditional Judiya Mediation Practices: Lessons of the Gacaca Court and the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC),” by Mobarak Osman, MA COEX’18
  • “Conflict Sensitivity, Development, and the Responsibility to Do No Harm,” by Sarah LaMorey, MA COEX’18
  • “Cultural Heritage Recovery and its Role in the Conflict Transformation Process in Iraq Post-2003,” by Hauke Ziessler, MA COEX’18
  • “Rethinking Neurological, Behavioral, and Psychological Effect of Social Exclusion,” by Eli Nyuwa, MA COEX’18
  • “Toward an Inclusive and Integrated Peace Process in Sudan,” by Mohamed Quscondy Abdulshafi, MA COEX’18
  • “Raising Funds for the Reconstruction Efforts in Syria: Examining the Political Dimensions of Reconstruction Funding Commitments,” by Ani Karapetyan, MA COEX’18
  • “Connect. Learn. Adapt. Repeat,” by Emily Forsyth Queen, MA COEX’18
  • “Deprivation of Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem, Palestine,” by Tareq Samman, MA COEX’18
  • “Countering Islamophobia in America,” by Khalidou Ba, MA COEX’18
  • “Persons with Disabilities and the Peace Process: The Case of the Philippines,” by Tatsuya Hayase, MA COEX’18
  • “Civil Society’s Participation in Burma’s Peace Process: Voices from Local Peacebuilding Organizations,” by Cherry Naing, MA COEX’18
  • “Conflict Prevention with the Women’s Situation Room (WSR),” by Charlotte Nalumansi, MA COEX’18
  • “Reconstructing the Justice System in Post-Conflict Liberia,” by Kayla Loving, MA COEX’18
  • “Attending to Community Experiences of Conflict: Policy Opportunities in Response to Arriving South Sudanese Refugees, Security and Land Issues in Northeastern DRC,” by Kerri Leeper, MA COEX’18
  • “Conflict Resolution in Corrections: The Case for What’s Possible,” by Julia Szendro, MA COEX’18
  • “Mending Social Fabric: Institutional Responsibility in Cases of Sexual Abuse,” by Taylor Rippy, MA COEX’18
  • “Actualizing Ourselves and Our Organizations: The Case for Peace Leadership,” by Sylvia Murray, MA COEX/MBA’18