Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence

COEX Capstone

At the end of each semester, after writing their final reports, students have the unique opportunity to present their findings at a capstone event. Here they present before an audience composed of students from their cohort, as well as the first year cohort. Field supervisors, alumni, staff, faculty, supporting partners and others from the Heller and Brandeis community are also invited to join.

We believe that the entire COEX community should benefit from this learning, and that all students benefit from other fieldwork presentations. Therefore, the capstone is a great way of coming back together for a last experience of joint learning in this ongoing relationship between theory and practice, reflection and action.

Recent Capstone Topics

  • "A Divided Society: Grand Solutions, Faulty Foundations in Kirkuk" Khogir Mohammed, MA COEX'19
    • Khogir Mohammed completed his practicum with the Woodrow Wilson Center researching the disputed territory of Kirkuk in northern Iraq. His master’s paper explores the process and outcomes of the Kirkuk conflict and recommendations for the future.
  • "Cultural and Spiritual Groundwork as Fertile Soil for Restorative Justice" Ona Wang, MA COEX'19
    • Based on Ona Wang’s practicum with Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY) their master’s paper explores the role of cultural and spiritual practices in peacebuilding processes, particularly in terms of restorative justice models in community building. Ona provides recommendations for peacebuilders to engage with community’s rituals and symbols in order to promote community driven sustainable change.
  • "Reflective Structured Dialogue: An Approach to Constructive Storytelling in Peacebuilding" Winnie Rugamba, MA COEX'20
    • Winnie Rugamba completed her practicum with Essential Partners and completed her practicum report on reflective structured dialogue (RSD) and constructive storytelling. Winnie explores these methods as tools to engage in safe, reflective conversation on the most polarizing topics.
  • "A Call for Accountability to Protect Black Lives: An Examination of Human Rights Violations and the Role of Peace Practices" Cheyenne Evans, MA COEX'20
    • Cheyenne Evans completed her master’s thesis examining violence against Black Americans as a violation of human rights according to international human rights law. Utilizing an international lens and modern conflict analysis, Cheyenne argues the need for external accountability.
  • "#PrayForHumanity: The Use of Social Media to Enable Conflict" Catherine Gwin, MA COEX'19
  • "Transiency and Choice: The Decision-Making Power of Refugee Women in Family Planning" Elif Karatas, MA COEX/MS GHPM'20
  • "Disinformation in Social Media: The Transformation of Government Responses and Policies" Aziz Boltayev MA COEX'20
  • "Developmental Evaluation: Organizational Processes for Turbulent Times" Lindsey Platt, MA COEX'21
  • "Trade Negotiations, Conflicts and Sustainability" Amir Ben Ameur, MA COEX'21
  • "Human Dignity: A Basic Principle for International Law & Peaceful Society " Evelyn Ofori MA COEX'20
  • "Integrated Reconciliation in Cambodia" Vuthy Van Noeurn MA COEX'21
  • "Integrating Environmental Variables into Genocide Early Warning Systems" Lydia Jimenez MA SID/MA COEX'20