Master of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Coexistence

COEX Lectures and Events

COVID-19 Lessons from the Korean Peninsula and Beyond (May 2020)

COEX Events

International Women’s Day Lectures and Events

  • Hend Nafie, MA COEX'19, “The Trials of Spring,” April 2019
  • Ambassador Julissa Reynoso, “Negotiation Diplomatic Breakthroughs,” March 2020
  • Deborah Kolb, “Her Place at the Table: Gender and Negotiation Strategies after Trump,” March 2019
  • Hend Nafie, MA COEX'19, “The Trials of Spring,” February 2018
  • Nanako Tamaru, launch of the new COEX course, “Gender and Peacebuilding,” March 2018
  • Nanako Tamaru, “Women at the Peacebuilding Table: Simulation,” May 2017
  • Movie screening, “The Man Who Mends Women: Dr. Mukwege,” February 2017
  • Elyse Cherry, “Opportunity and Inequality: Breaking Down Barriers to Social and Economic Justice,” April 2016
  • Paola Cecchi-Dimeglio, “Empowering Women and Minority Attorneys,” March 2016
  • Hibaaq Osman, Karama Organization Founder and Director, “Women's Rights and Security,” March 2015

Topol Nonviolence Lecture

  • Eric Chenoweth, “Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict,” Fourth Topol Lecture, November 2018
  • Ron Kronish, “Nonviolence and Interreligious Coexistence: The Case of Israel,” Third Topol Lecture, October 2017
  • Sheila Katz, “A Century of Israeli and Palestinian Joint Nonviolence,” Second Topol Lecture, November 2016
  • Professor Mari Fitzduff, “Neurosciences and Nonviolence,” Inaugural Topol Lecture, October 2015

COEX Lecture Series

  • Jerome Kim (International Vaccine Institute) and Michael VanRooyen (Harvard Humanitarian Initiative), “COVID-19 Lessons from the Korean Peninsula and Beyond: Enhancing national, regional and global cooperation,” Online panel, with the support of the Korean Consulate of Boston, May 2020
  • Eugene Kogan, “Coercive Negotiation,” November 2019
  • John-Paul Lederach, “Lessons far from the promised land,” October 2019
  • Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, Susan Hackley, Tom Kochan, Eugene Kogan, Melissa Manwaring, Susan Podziba, and Dan Shapiro, “Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in the Trump Era?,” February 2019
  • Mooly Dinnar, “Entrepreneurial Negotiation, February 2019
  • Pascal Lardellier, “Nonviolent / Nonverbal Communication,” October 2018
  • Christopher C. Cooper, “Changing the Culture of Policing,” November 2017
  • William Swing, IOM President, “Challenges of International Migration,” September 2017
  • Josh Weiss, “Yin and Yang of Leadership and Negotiation,” September 2017
  • Claude Bruderlein, ICRC, “The Center of Competence on Humanitarian Negotiation,” May 2017
  • Julie Habran, MSF, “Host Country Agreements,” April 2017
  • Jerome Grimaud, “Humanitarian Mediation,” April 2017
  • Hideaki Shinoda, “Managing Territorial Disputes Constructively: The Case of Japan,” March 2017
  • Christopher C. Cooper, “Conflict Resolution Skills for the Police and Call for Service,” April 2016
  • Peter Maurer, ICRC President, “Negotiating to Protect Lives: An ICRC Mission,” March 2016
  • Anthony David, “Unlikely Friendship: Ruth Dayan and Raymonda Taweel,” February 2016
  • Christopher C. Cooper, “Conflict Resolution Skills for the Police and Call for Service,” April 2015
  • Noam Schuster and Nader Jayousi, “Voices of Young Peacebuilders from Israel and Palestine,” with PAX, March 2015