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Partner with Heller’s Career Development Center to connect with our community and meet your recruitment goals. We recognize the shifting demands of an evolving global marketplace and tailor our services based on employers’ needs.


Post full- and part-time positions including jobs, internships, fellowships, consulting and temporary opportunities for students and alumni in our comprehensive career development platform. There is no charge to post. Create a profile or log in at:

Industry Networking Programs

These programs bring together students interested in a specific industry and organizations and employers interested in a diverse, experienced, global and multilingual candidate pool. 

Career Education Programs

Participate in in-depth conversations through panel discussions, Lunch and Learn brown bag talks and keynote presentations to provide insight into the field, current issues, career paths and individual professional experiences. 

On-Campus Recruiting

Meet your competitive, time-sensitive recruitment needs through on-campus interviews with qualified candidates. Times are flexible and can occur in either the day or evening. Or, visit Heller to offer a short presentation and informal interviews to a diverse pool of talented professionals. 

Employer Treks

Each year, Heller students and Career Development Center staff visit employers across the Greater Boston area, in New York City and in Washington, D.C. These treks include site visits to many major nonprofit organizations, government agencies and mission-driven companies. It’s a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with a group of incredible students.

Formal Partnerships

Establish a formal ongoing partnership that can include customized programming, Heller-specific internship opportunities and priority recruitment assistance.

Connect Today

Heller graduates are mission-driven in everything they do. With the knowledge, skills and training they get from Heller—including experiences in the field—they’re ready to enter any organization and not just excel in their individual role, but take in the big picture to maximize social impact. Contact us to make a connection today. 

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Interested in hiring Heller students and graduates? Download the Heller Career Development Center recruitment brochure for more information.