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Why Hire Heller?

Heller graduates are mission-driven in everything they do. With the knowledge, skills and training they get from Heller, they’re ready to enter any organization and not just excel in their individual role, but take in the big picture to maximize social impact.

Our students don’t believe in silos. They work across disciplines and departments—starting with their time at Heller. Through extracurricular activities like the Heller Startup Challenge or our working groups around gender or disability, they’re used to leveraging their skills to collaborate with people with varied backgrounds and experiences. That makes them the perfect candidates to work in government, from the federal to the local levels; in corporate social responsibility for Fortune 500 companies; to create their own nonprofits to further their social justice mission and more.

If you’re an employer dedicated to making an impact, we want to hear from you. The Career Development Center can connect you with talented students and alumni in a variety of ways. You can come to campus for an employer spotlight and meet informally with students throughout the day by setting a table or doing a short presentation. You can also host a group of students for a site visit. Have an immediate spot to fill? We encourage you to post jobs or internships to Handshake, our online career development platform.

A Heller graduate is like no other. Contact us to make a connection today. 

Heller students walking outside Schneider Building.