Relational Coordination Collaborative

RC Playbook & Facilitation Guidebook

Resources like the Relational Coordination Playbook and the Relational Facilitation Guidebook can be used for consulting, coaching and teaching.  RCC members are invited to share their Intervention Resources with other RCC members and with the broader community. Please contact us at with your ideas, questions and feedback.

Relational Coordination Playbook

Relational Coordination PlaybookThe Relational Coordination Playbook features the Relational Model of Change by Jody Hoffer Gittell and the Six Stages of Change inspired by Tony Suchman.  The RC Playbook is provided here in the form of a slide deck for easy use, to be updated from time to time with links to additional resources as they become available.  

Relational Coordination PlaybooKrelational mapping worksheet

Relational Facilitation Guidebook

Relational Facilitation LogoThis guidebook offers an introduction to relational facilitation, a four-step implementation strategy that combines the theory of relational coordination with the implementation strategy of facilitation to assess and improve relationships and communication within and between teams to support program outcomes. This guidebook is for anyone who wants to improve work processesRelational facilitation has been shown to support strategic priorities by increasing patient satisfaction with care, employee productivity, and reducing staff burnout.  This guidebook has been developed by Brigid Connelly, Heather Gilmartin, Anne Hale, Rachael Kenney, Brianne Morgan and Heidi Sjoberg at the Denver/Seattle Center of Innovation for the Veterans Health Administration.