Relational Coordination Collaborative

Give & Get Open Space

Carlos ArceJim Best

How would you like to have an intimate discussion with fellow RC practitioners and researchers about implementing RC? How about having access to a group of RC experts to discuss any challenge or topic of interest?

Give & Get Open Space is a new informal space for RCC members to connect. Experienced RC practitioners Carlos Arce and Jim Best are hosting this space so please - feel free to drop in with questions, to hear what others are working on, and to offer any expertise you may have. The Give & Get sessions are designed specifically for RC practitioners and researchers. Whether you’d like to Give & Get help, knowledge, experience, or develop deeper connection with peers, these sessions are created to build community and competencies.

Carlos Arce, who helped to lead relational coordination innovations at Billings Clinic as their Chief Learning Officer, says:

I encourage all RCC members to join our first and upcoming Give and Get virtual session (March 26, 3-4:00 pm ET).  This will be a highly interactive way to meet, reconnect and learn from each other as RC practitioners.”

In 60-minute Zoom sessions, attendees interact with multiple RC practitioners and researchers  from diverse backgrounds with varying levels of experience. Influenced by the Open Space concept, the sessions are designed for attendees to quickly assess the diverse talents and expertise of the group and identify topics to explore in small group conversations. The topics of these conversations will either be generated by the attendees, or the attendees can choose from the list of topics available based upon their unique needs and interests. Prior to the 60-minute session’s close, key highlights and learnings are captured. Remaining topics of interest can be added to the following session’s list.  There will be an optional 30 minutes after to connect or continue conversations.

Possible topics include:

  • How to wisely start implementing RC
  • Unique practices that make a significant difference in RC implementation
  • Dynamics that can undermine RC change efforts
  • Important lessons for new practitioners and researchers
  • “Can I get some help?"
We invite all RCC members to experience this emergent and collaborative development opportunity! The RCC is an open inclusive global community of researchers and change agents who develop, test, and implement relational theories of coordination, leadership and change.  If you're already a member, you can register for Give & Get Open Space below.  If you're not a member, take a minute and become a member now.  We'd love to have you!