Relational Coordination Collaborative

What Are Innovation Labs?

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Innovation Labs are creative spaces within the Relational Coordination Collaborative where members work to develop new ideas. The RCC offers you a webpage and slack channel to coordinate your work and to share your work with others.  We also offer support for developing conference presentations and workshops, and the opportunity to present at Roundtables and in RC Cafes. RCC members are welcome to join up to three Innovation Labs or propose a new one.

Join Up to Three Innovation Labs

Resilient Communities Innovation Lab

Healthcare Innovation Lab

Higher Education Innovation Lab

Digital Ecosystems Innovation Lab

Community Building Innovation Lab

After you join, you will receive an invitation to join each Innovation Lab's slack channel and you may receive occasional emails from the Founding Members.

Propose an Innovation Lab

Once you have four or more Founding Members and approval from the RCC Board, the RCC team will set up a webpage for a new Innovation Lab including:

  • A description of your focus and purpose
  • Links to relevant resources
  • Profiles of your Founding Members

Propose an innovation lab based on a new or existing initiative


Once your Innovation Lab is approved, the RCC will provide:

  • Webpage with the above information
  • The ability for members of the RCC to join your Innovation Lab
  • Opportunity for Founding Members to host RC Cafes on topics of your choice
  • Opportunity for members to organize sessions at the Annual RC Roundtable
  • A slack channel for the Founding Members to invite discussion on any topic of interest 
  • A separate folder in Membership Works so Founding Members can send emails easily to your members to provide updates or invite them to share their work or to attend zoom sessions that you want to organize
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