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To help people develop, test and implement relational theories of coordination, leadership and change, the RCC offers a Membership Community with all the following options:

  • RC Cafes are monthly zoom gatherings for members to share their research and practice and get feedback in an engaging, well-structured one-hour format.  Check out the Spring lineup and register here.
  • Give & Get is a new informal space for members to connect by zoom.  Experienced RC practitioners Jim Best and Carlos Arce are hosting this space monthly so please - feel free to drop in with questions, to hear what others are working on, and to offer any expertise you may have. 
  • Innovation Labs are spaces for members to organize and develop new ideas together. 
  • The RCC Roundtable is a gathering hosted each Fall in different locations to share your work through a peer-reviewed process, renew existing relationships and build new ones - to be hosted at University of California Berkeley in November 2024!
  • RCC Google Group is a new space for members to connect by email.  Members will be automatically included in the Google Group and can opt out whenever they choose. Feel free to share new publications, job postings, requests for advice, training opportunities, conference announcements, calls for papers, ideas, Innovation Lab updates, and discussions after events.  We look forward to seeing what emerges!
  • Newsletters with events and other updates are sent to RCC members and the broader community once or twice per month.
  • Resources developed and offered by our members, including measurement tools, training, consulting, certification, analytic support, and teaching tools.

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Regular Members $100/year

Student Members $50/year

Retiree/Emeritus Members $50/year

For Group Memberships, see below.

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Our Member Interests

Based on a member survey, our members are interested in connecting with each other about:

  • Organizational Change and Organizational Development (83%)
  • Workplace Well-Being (70%) 
  • Health System Excellence (57%)
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (47%)
  • Social Justice (47%)
  • Anti-Racism (43%)
  • Community Health and Wellness (40%)
  • Education System Excellence (37%)
  • Climate Change (33%)

As the RCC grows, our areas of interest will continue to evolve.  We invite you to become a member and discover how relational coordination can help to transform your organization and your sector. 

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