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Our Mission, Vision and Focus

Mission - Foster the development of relational coordination theory, research and practice.

Vision - Transform relationships toward shared goals, shared knowledge, and mutual respect.

Strategy - Accomplish this mission through community building, partnerships, training, certification, grant-funded research, publications and public engagement.

Relational coordination is communicating and relating for the purpose of task integration - a powerful driver of performance when work is interdependent, uncertain and time constrained. Based at Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management, the RCRC connects researchers and practitioners around the world to develop and test new models of change.

We explore how these changes impact critical performance outcomes including quality, safety, efficiency, engagement, well-being, learning and innovation. Using the RC Survey offered by Relational Coordination Analytics, a valid and reliable measurement tool, you can gain new insight into the relational dynamics that exist among individuals, among workgroups and among organizations - and begin to transform them. 


Focus Areas

The RCRC has chosen five sectors to focus on over the next year - all of them focused on building healthy communities. We want to highlight that we welcome members of the learning community from all sectors - we see great value in receiving feedback on your work from community members who are outside your sector and may view things with a different lens. Additionally, as the RCRC grows, these focus areas will continue to be updated and there is room for additional sectors as we continue to grow.

  • Innovative Healthcare - Healthy communities provide high quality acute and long-term healthcare needed by their citizens.

  • Community Health and Wellness - Addressing health in the community reduces disparities.

  • Public Safety - Community safety and crime prevention are prerequisites for healthy communities.

  • Education - Inclusive education at all levels is a foundation for healthy communities.

  • Private Sector Industries - Healthy communities thrive under optimal economic conditions.


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