Relational Coordination Collaborative

Our Mission

To foster the development of relational coordination theory, research and practice.

Our Vision

To build relationships of shared goals, shared knowledge, and mutual respect across differences for high performance and positive change.

Our Strategy

Using a low cost, accessible membership model, we convene a global community of researchers and leaders through Cafes, Roundtables, newsletters and social media.  We serve as the hub of a distributed network that provides training, courses, seminars, teaching materials, consulting, coaching, certification, measurement tools, analytic support, interventions and more. 

Our Member Interests

Based on 2022 survey, our members are interested in connecting with each other about:

  • Organizational Change and Organizational Development (83%)
  • Workplace Well-Being (70%) 
  • Health System Excellence (57%)
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (47%)
  • Social Justice (47%)
  • Anti-Racism (43%)
  • Community Health and Wellness (40%)
  • Education System Excellence (37%)
  • Climate Change (33%)
As the RCC grows, our areas of interest will continue to expand.  We invite you to become a member and discover how relational coordination can transform your organization and your sector.