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RC Cafes feature researchers and practitioners who are using relational approaches to quality improvement, performance improvement, worker well-being, organizational change, social change and more. Members share their work, lead discussions, and seek advice about challenges they may be facing.  Come for insights, inspiration and community!

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RC Cafes for Fall 2022


Strengthening Networks for High-Value Care

Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022
3-4:30 PM ET

  • Alice Andrews, The Value Institute for Health and Care, UT Austin
  • Kenny Cole, Ochsner Health
  • Zofia Das Gupta, International Consortium on Health Outcomes Measurement
  • Jennifer Perloff, Research Institute for Accountable Care; Institute on Healthcare Systems, Heller School, Brandeis
  • Christina Nielsen, International Consortium on Health Outcomes Measurement
  • Jody Hoffer Gittell, RCC, Institute on Healthcare Systems, Heller, Brandeis

Multiple stakeholders are talking about the need to deliver high-value care and avoid the delivery of low-value care.  But who decides what high-value care is - and how do we deliver it?  According to the Value Institute for Health and Care "value is created by improving the health outcomes that matter most to individuals and families."  Others argue that delivering high-value care requires a whole systems approach supported by networks of shared goals, shared knowledge and mutual respect among patients, care providers, and community partners.   This RC Cafe features a conversation among leaders from Ochsner Health, The Value Institute for Health and Care, The International Consortium on Health Outcomes Measurement, The Research Institute for Accountable Care, and The Institute on Healthcare Systems at The Heller School, Brandeis University.  Open to all members of the RCC and their guests.



Building Relational Ecosystems for Innovation - The Case of Energy Transition

Thursday Oct. 13, 2022
3-4:00 PM ET


  • Bram Hendriks, Solve Consulting Rotterdam; Fundamentals Academy
  • Harold Alvarez, Royal Dutch Shell; Erasmus University School of Management
  • Ina Sebastian, MIT Center for Information Systems Research


  • Jody Hoffer Gittell, RCC, Brandeis University

Current societal systems and organizational structures are cracking and struggling to address the increasingly complex and interdependent challenges such as the transition from fossil to renewable energy. New structures such as inter-organizational collaborations emerge to overcome these grand challenges, where internal and external knowledge is integrated to develop and implement new technologies or products. However, this organizational background diversity is like a double-edged sword - while it can be a fountain of creativity and knowledge creation, it can also be a hotbed of coordinating challenges that can fuel conflict and cause projects to fail.  In this webinar, Bram Hendriks shows how the highly practical emerging theory of Relational Coordination could support effectively coordinating the underlying relational dynamics of collaborative knowledge creation based on his preliminary work with diverse stakeholders in the energy transition, outlined in Accelerating the Energy Transition - The Power of Relational Coordination, written for his Master of Science in the Management of Innovation at Erasmus University's Rotterdam School of Management.




To Be Determined

Thursday, December 15, 2022
3-4:00 PM ET