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June 7th: Introducing the RCC Community Building Innovation Lab Circle

June 2023 Innovation Lab Event

Wednesday, June 7, 2023, 3:30 - 5:00 ET
Organized by the RCC Community Building Innovation Lab as the first self-organized event, join us for this 60-minute interactive gathering to
  • Learn about the Lab’s mission and the Community Building activities the Lab is spinning up prior to the October 2023 RoundTable
  • Brainstorm with us on Community Building activities important to you and let the Lab help incubate them with you
  • Design a prototype “Give & Get Help” session with us  
Optional 30 min after the Cirlce to discuss your ideas further or just hang out!

RC at AOM, 2023

August 4-8, 2023 in Boston, MA

Stay posted for times, locations and additional events....

Strengthening Networks for Equitable and Integrated Healthcare 

Chairs: Kathryn McDonald (Johns Hopkins University) and Ingrid Nembhard (Wharton)

Building Digitally Enabled Ecosystems for Social Value Creation 

Chairs: Ina Sebastian (MIT CISR) and Claus Jebsen (BI Norwegian Business School)

Relational Human Resource Management

Chairs: Qian Zhang (University of Ontario) and Jody Hoffer Gittell (Brandeis University)

Tackling Society’s Grandest Challenges through Responsible Management

Chairs: Tracey Dodd (University of Adelaide) and Samantha Lai (University of Adelaide)

Developing the Relational Playbook for Cardiology Teams to Enhance Clinician Well-being and Veteran Care
Building Connection: Fostering Work Relationships in Remote/Hybrid Environments

Chairs:  Elana Feldman (University of Massachusetts Lowell) and Sarah Kostanski (University of Massachusetts Lowell)

Reception for Relational Coordination Collaborative and Positive Relationships at Work Microcommunity

We're a community of researchers and practitioners, constantly striving to learn from each other.  If you're already a member, register below and feel free to bring one or more guests.  If you're not a member, reach out to one of our members or the RCC team ( for a guest invite - or take a minute and become a member now.  We will be forming an Innovation Lab focused on this topic to continue working together beyond this Cafe.

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