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Locations, Hotels and Transport

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We are thrilled that the Roundtable will be hosted at University of California, Berkeley this year, where it was hosted in 2014 in our third year as a collaborative!  That year, Steve Shortell was a member of our host committee, along with Kathy McDonald, Ed Schein, Dominick Frosch, Jim Best, Terry Hill and Thomas Huber.  This year, Steve Shortell is joined by Berkeley colleagues Amanda Brewster and Hector Rodriguez, with the rest of the local host committee to be announced in the coming month.

All venues for this Roundtable are located within 3 to 4 blocks of each other.  Day 1 we will meet at the Berkeley School of Public Health at 2121 Berkeley Way West.  Day 2 we will meet at the Berkeley Residence Inn at 2121 Center Street. 


Residence Inn Berkeley [] is the closest conference hotel, but the Hotel Shattuck Plaza [] is also very nearby, regularly used by the university, and sometimes less expensive. Both are within 3 or 4 blocks from all conference events.  Ask about the Berkeley conference rate.


Major airports include San Francisco International (SFO) and Oakland International (OAK).  Both are connected to the conference venue via the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), with Downtown Berkeley Station 3 or 4 blocks from all conference events and hotels. 

Oakland International to Downtown Berkeley Station (36 minutes, $10-$11)

San Francisco Airport to Downtown Berkeley Station (56 minutes, $9-$12)

Bay Area Rapid Transit Map