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Analytic Support

Data analysts can offer helpful resources to people who want to go deeper in making sense of their data.  For example, you may want to apply social network analysis to your RC Survey data to go beyond the strength of ties to reveal additional patterns such as centrality and betweenness, or to assess multi-level networks. You may want to assess changes in your RC data over time as you carry out a change process and then seek to sustain the improvements you have made.  You may want to connect your RC data to key performance outcomes such as the quality of care, customer satisfaction, efficiency of resource utilization, or employee well-being. Or you may want to analyze your qualitative data to assess patterns of relational coordination and the organizational factors that contribute to those patterns. In Relational Analytics, Jody Hoffer Gittell and Heba Naim Ali describe some of the latest knowledge about these topics.  This knowledge is constantly evolving. RCC members listed here are willing to be contacted by people who want help. The profiles below describe RCC members who are available to provide analytic support, and the methods they offer.

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Relatinoal Analytics by Gittell and Ali

Assessing Multi-Level Networks Within and Across Departments

Multi-level Networks Graphic