Relational Coordination Collaborative

May 9 11-12:00 ET - Strengthening Networks for Integrated, Equitable Health Care - How Can the Better Care Plan Help?

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Chair: Masami Tabata-Kelly (Brandeis University, Brigham & Women’s)
Speaker: Stephen Shortell (UC Berkeley School of Public Health)
Jill Marsteller (Johns Hopkins University)
Ingrid Nembhard (Wharton School)
Jennifer Perloff (Brandeis University, Institute for Accountable Care)
Rob Mechanic (Brandeis University, Institute for Accountable Care)
Closing Remarks:
Kathy McDonald (Johns Hopkins University)
It is increasingly apparent that success in a highly interdependent world depends on identifying and strengthening the networks through which value is created.  In this Cafe, we will explore a new policy proposal for improving healthcare - The Better Care Plan.  Dr. Steve Shortell, one of its creators, will describe it and open up for discussion.  How does it work?  How does it propose to strengthen networks for integrated equitable healthcare?  How does it propose to use relational coordination to certify care teams?  How can you get involved?  Dr. Shortell is joined by panelists/commenters with expertise in relational coordination, social networks, health system design, and payment models. 

Advance Reading (optional)

Shortell, S. M., Toussaint, J. S., Halvorson, G. C., Kingsdale, J. M., Scheffler, R. M., Schwartz, A. Y., ... & Wilensky, G. (2023). The Better Care Plan: A blueprint for improving America's healthcare system. Health Affairs Scholar, 1(1).

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