Relational Coordination Collaborative

Intervention Database

The Intervention Database includes summaries of relational coordination intervention projects that use baseline measures of relational coordination to diagnose the current state, and at least one follow-up RC measurement to assess the impact of the intervention. Some projects also include desired performance outcomes.

The information in this database illustrates the variation in how baseline RC measurements are used to inform the change process.  There is also variation in the context and motivation for change, the types of interventions – relational, work process and structural – included in the change process, and the extent to which desired performance outcomes are measured and achieved. 

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Community Relational Mapping The Relational Model of Organizational Change

Relational Model of Organizational ChangeSource:  Gittell, J.H. (2016). Transforming Relationships for High Performance:  The Power of Relational Coordination.  Stanford University Press.