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Transforming Relationships for High Performance

Research findings suggest that the strength of relational coordination ties among participants in a work process predicts outcomes that are critically and strategically important in organizations. These outcomes include quality, efficiency, customer engagement, workforce resilience and well-being, learning and innovation. Stakeholders come to see their work differently and begin to have more productive conversations with each other.

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2019 Roundtable in Denver, CO

Register now for the 9th Annual RCRC Roundtable - Designing the Future - The  Relational Science of Intentional Change - October 11 & 12.

Improving Work Processes with RC

This 1.5-day course will be taught directly after the Roundtable in Denver, CO on October 13 and 14 by Tony Suchman and Margie Godfrey.

Academy of Management

It was wonderful to see those who attended the RC related sessions that took place at AOM this year in addition to the RCRC & PRW Microcommunity Reception.

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Remembering Ken Milne

An RCRC founding partner, respected colleague and dear friend, Ken's way of being has positively impacted us and the troubled world in which we live.

Heather Gilmartin

Heather Gilmartin has received a Career Development Award from the VA. Her current area of interest is the impact of relational coordination on care coordination programs.

Margie Godfrey

Margie Godfrey is now RC Certified! Margie is Director of The Dartmouth Institute Microsystem Academy and Instructor for The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice at Dartmouth.

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Watch: RC in Education

Jody Hoffer Gittell gave a Dean's Distinguished Lecture at Harvard Graduate School of Education - "Building RC in the Education Sector: Toward Multi-Level System Change"

August Newsletter

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A special supplement to the Journal of General Internal Medicine has been published following the VA State of the Art Conference about Care Coordination. 

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