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ONLINE RC WORKSHOP | Improving Work Processes with RC


3/25/21, 4 - 6PM ET
4/8-9/21, 12 - 5PM ET
4/10/21, 10AM - 2PM ET
Three 90-minute coaching sessions, dates and times TBD

Learn how to use the RC Survey in interventions to improve work processes and collaboration with virtual and collocated teams to whole organizations and inter-organizational consortia. 



Strengthening comprehensive social policy initiatives: Using the relational model of change intervention to facilitate collaborative organizational change

January 14, 2020
4 - 5:30 PM ET

Erika Gebo, Suffolk University
Brenda Bond, Suffolk University

Jody Hoffer Gittell, RCRC, Brandeis University


The Relational Society Project

We need to build a relational society, starting in the communities where we live. At the root of our challenges are damaged relationships that need to be re-built in a far more inclusive way. At the micro level, we need human empathy, at the meso level we need coordinated collective action, and at the macro level we need supportive institutions.

The RCRC community has launched the Relational Society Projectwith participating sites in the US, the UK, Denmark, Norway, Nigeria, China and Pakistan to understand how communities solve complex population health challenges through relationships at each level.


How RC Transforms Organizations

In Health Care

"The nurses and therapists started to ask each other, 'What is timely communication for you?' and soon realized that, if the therapists would visit the ICU in the mornings they could better address patient needs and reduce discharge delays. Just one example, and it was not a top-down solution."

- ICU Clinical Coordinator, Billings Clinic

In Education

"Recognizing every person's experience as unique, we can connect to each other through a deep understanding and acknowledgement of race, ethnicity and culture. This will ensure that we are mindful, respectful and inclusive."

- Superintendent, Rochester City Schools

In Communities

"We haven't had a tool before for measuring this. One thing is talking about networks; now we can see it."

- Director of Social Health and Employment, Varde Municipality, Denmark