Eli J. & Phyllis N. Segal Citizen Leadership Program

Workshop and Presenter Details

This page provides additional information about the session descriptions and presenters for our larger plenary and workshop break outs.  For all sessions, see the full agenda.

Friday Sessions:

Innovation & Inspiration Share (3:30-5pm; Woodside Lounge)

  • This session is an opportunity for Segal Network members (Fellows and partners) to share about an exciting idea or project they are piloting so that Fellows can learn from and be inspired by their up-and-coming work and so that presenters can get some feedback and thought-provoking questions about their efforts. Presentations include: The City of Boston's Economic Mobility Lab (Fellow Ashley White), sySTEMic Flow: Helping Women of Color Become STEM Leaders (Jessica Sannon), Building Worker Power through Training: The UNITE HERE Approach (Fellow John Valinch), Reimagining Justice (Max Brodsky), Encore.org: An Innovation Hub Tapping the Talent of People 50+ as a Force for Good (Phyllis Segal), Save the Children/USAID (Ethiopia): Promoting Opportunities through Training, Education, Transition Investment, and Livelihoods (Cathy Burack).

Welcome Reception (5-6:30pm; Woodside Lounge)

  • Gather with over 50 Fellows, Founders, and Friends to kick off the weekend and hear from Segal Founders Phyllis Segal and Mike Oberman, Segal Fellows Damond Ford and Jordan Rothman, Segal Staff Susie Flug-Silva and Kyle Richard, and Center for Youth and Community Associate Director Cathy Burack.

Saturday Sessions:

Bringing Your Full Self to Your Citizen Leadership (9-11:15am; Mystic Room; Plenary Session with Dr. Maria Madison)

  • At our all-Fellow plenary session, we will explore how you can bring the many elements of who you are to your citizen leadership in work, volunteering, family, community, and other parts of life.  Through story-telling and essential partner dialogues, we will explore times when you've had to leave behind a part of who you are. We will review some key concepts and definitions important for understanding the range of ways people are not able to bring their full selves.  We will close by sharing strategies for self care and for managing difficult dialogues. This session will be led by Dr. Maria Madison, Associate Dean for Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity at The Heller School.

Materials and documents from this presentation can be found here

1st Workshop Sessions (11:30am-12:30pm)

A: Successful Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Practices to Inspire Your Team (Dr. Madison with Segal Fellows and Founder; Mystic Room)

  • Learn about the standards and best practices for equity and inclusion in higher education from Dr. Maria Madison, and hear from Segal Network members about how they’ve taken leadership around DEI in their work: Le’otis Boswell Johnson (City Year and Sons of Sophistication); Witney Christie (Cambridge Public Schools Elementary School Teacher and Equity Leadership Team); Mora Segal (CEO, The Achievement Network and Segal Founder/Advisory Board Chair)

B: Bringing Your Passion Into Your Work: Finding It and Keeping It (Panel of Segal Fellows and Founders, moderated by Susie Flug-Silva; Potomac Room)

  • Segal Founder Laura Gassner Otting Talks about finding consonance: “when the ‘what’ you do matches the ‘who’ you are (or want to be).” This is important as we start our careers and as we move through our mid-career lives and maintain our passion or pivot to whatever comes next. Hear from Segal Fellows and Partners about how they’ve woven passion into what they do and how you can too: Christina Kwan (The Road Uncovered Coaching), Kyle Richard (Segal Program Coordinator and Sunrise MetroWest), Shawn Rubin (Segal Fellow and Highlander Institute), Jon Segal (3STEP SPORTS).

Segal Fellow in Action Award (4-4:30pm; Mystic Room)

  • Come celebrate our inaugural Segal Fellow in Action Awardee, a Segal Fellow who lives out what it means to be a citizen leader across the parts of their life. The Segal family will join Fellows and the Segal Program Staff in celebrating the Awardee and all of our Fellows who volunteer to help lead elements of the Program.

2nd Workshop Sessions (4:30-6pm)

A: Making an Impact: Self-Promotion through Social Digital Media (with Jeff Lemberg; Susquehanna Room)

  • Building a positive brand starts with identifying an area of professional expertise. Learn some of the strategies for carving out a topical niche, how to showcase your expertise, and the many ways to market yourself through LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Jeff Lemberg is a Segal Founder, former Professor of Media and Communication Studies, and Founder and CEO of Boys for the Better.

B: Navigating to Point B: Second Acts in Career Transitions (with Christina Kwan; Connecticut Room)

  • Careers are like a well-orchestrated on-stage drama: the story artfully comes together as the scenes unfold. You can chart the path to your current position based on the culmination of experiences, circumstances, and decisions that brought you here. Like any story, a career is incomplete without a surprising turn, a series of events or noted details that make the telling infinitely more interesting. What does your second act look like? Knowing what you do now about the career you’ll have staying in this spot for the next 10/20/30 years, do you like where you’re heading? Is it time for a change? If so, where do you start? Join Christina Kwan, Transformational Life Coach with The Road Uncovered Coaching in this presentation on the elements of a successful career transition. Navigate to Point B in your career with confidence.

Presentation slides for participants can be found here

C: Boss Up: Leading with Integrity and Lifting As You Climb (Fellows Audrey Cohen, Tam Emerson, and Alex Montgomery; moderated by Fellow Jessie Zimmerer; Potomac Room)

  • You're a boss. Not just in the "you get stuff done" kind of way or even in the Bruce Springsteen kind of way (though you may be those things too); no, you've worked your way up the professional ladder and are now in charge of programs and/or people and it's time to really put those leadership skills you've been acquiring all these years to good use. But how? And why is this so hard? In this session, we'll hear from three fellows about how they've transitioned from working professional to professional manager, what they've learned about leadership from those they've supervised and been supervised by, and how they approach the many personal transitions that come at this point in our lives, including parenting, career transition, and coming into your own as a real adult. We'll provide examples for how fellows have learned and are learning to lead others effectively, with integrity and grace, and identify some meaningful action steps participants can take in their own lives to either prepare for these challenges or work through them as they arise.

Sunday Sessions:

Building Our Segal Program Future and Expanded Civic Engagement Programming (9-10am, Mystic Room)

  • Hear about where the Segal Program is heading, based on guidance from Fellows, the Advisory Board, and staff, and help shape the directions we go in.  One focus for 2020 is on expanded civic engagement offerings.

3rd Workshop Sessions (10:15-11:15am)

A: Developing Your Career Network (with Ilhiana Rojas Saldana; Susquehanna Room)

  • Come learn why it's important to be strategic about building your network and how you can create a plan to build your strategic network. Ilhiana Rojas Saldana is the Founder and CEO of BeLIVE Coaching and Consulting, who leverages her 20 years of a successful executive career in the corporate landscape.  “As a Transformation Strategist, [she guides] professionals and entrepreneurs to overcome barriers and set the fearless strategies that will help them reach their next outstanding and fulfilling professional move.”

Materials and documents from this presentation can be found here

B: Securing the Bag: Navigating Early Jobs and Leveraging Your Value (with Benny J. Belvin II; Connecticut Room)

  • Navigating an early job can be difficult. It's hard work getting hired, but it's even harder to adapt to workplace cultures, manage up, and ensure that your employers recognize the value you're bringing to the work. On top of that, as Segal Fellows and citizen leaders, we bring an important set of values and experiences that many of us want to see reflected in our organizational culture and work products. This session will provide helpful tips and resources for Fellows who are early in their careers about how to negotiate salaries, impress their employers, and get what they need out of their roles. We will also discuss ways to manage those times when the current policies or practices in your office do not reflect your social justice values or personal needs.

Presentation slides for participants can be found here

C: Mobilizing Data for Social Change (with Dr. Cathy Burack and Fellow Jade Eckels; Potomac Room)

  • The goal of this workshop is to enable participants to think about evaluation and data as social justice tools.  We’ll explore how to leverage data analysis and program evaluation to improve outcomes for marginalized populations.  We’ll start the session with a brief discussion of evaluation, especially within a social justice context, and will use a case study to explore the tensions and nuances of this approach. We will be providing guidance and facilitation, and attendees should expect to be active participants and thought-partners. Dr. Cathy Burack is a Senior Fellow and Associate Director at the Center for Youth and Communities at The Heller School at Brandeis, and Jade Eckels is a Segal Fellow, an AmeriCorps*VISTA Data Analyst with the RI Free Clinic, and Education Research Fellow with City Year.