Giving Back

Segal Fellows pose around table
Olivia Nichols '19, Brandeis Segal Fellow, and Carolyn Chou of AARW

The Segal Fellowship is a lifelong Program in which you can give back to your community and to the greater Segal Network. 

For details about how you can connect and support, contact

Engage in real time

  • Attend Events (monthly virtual convenings, bi-annual retreats, regional networking/action events, new Fellow orientations)
  • Host a gathering
  • Serve as a Regional Ambassador
  • Join our online communities (Facebook groups, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.)

Leverage your networks

  • Serve as a Segal Buddy
  • Promote Segal Program Awareness as a brand ambassador (list us on your resume and Linkedin or mention us in interviews)
  • Connect us with organizations (host or suggest for internships and other partnerships)
  • Contribute financially (make a donation or cover your own retreat travel costs)

Shape our programming

  • Facilitate a convening, book group discussion, community of practice, or action project
  • Provide program ideas and feedback (returning annual surveys, providing advice)
  • Serve on a committee (Advisory Board, Retreat Planning Committee, New Fellow Selection, other working groups)

“Being a Segal Fellow has further cemented my desire to create a more equitable society. It's also helped me realize that giving back can look many different ways that all matter. The people I have connected with...have been by my side for nearly 10 years now.”

Nathan B. Rosenblum ‘09, Brandeis Segal Fellow