Giving Back

Segal Fellows pose around table
Olivia Nichols '19, Brandeis Segal Fellow, and Carolyn Chou of AARW

The Segal Fellowship is a lifelong Program in which you can give back to your community and to the greater Segal Network. 

Engage in real time

  • Attend Events (monthly virtual convenings, bi-annual retreats, regional networking/action events, new Fellow orientations)
  • Host a gathering
  • Serve as a Regional Ambassador
  • Join our online communities (Facebook groups, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.)

Leverage your networks

  • Serve as a Segal Buddy
  • Promote Segal Program Awareness as a brand ambassador (list us on your resume and Linkedin or mention us in interviews)
  • Connect us with organizations (host or suggest for internships and other partnerships)
  • Contribute financially (make a donation or cover your own retreat travel costs)

Shape our programming

  • Facilitate a convening, book group discussion, community of practice, or action project
  • Provide program ideas and feedback (returning annual surveys, providing advice)
  • Serve on a committee (Advisory Board, Retreat Planning Committee, New Fellow Selection, other working groups)

“Being a Segal Fellow has further cemented my desire to create a more equitable society. It's also helped me realize that giving back can look many different ways that all matter. The people I have connected with...have been by my side for nearly 10 years now.”

Nathan B. Rosenblum ‘09, Brandeis Segal Fellow