Eli J. & Phyllis N. Segal Citizen Leadership Program

Support The Segal Program as a Brand Ambassador

We are proud of all of the ways Segal Fellows exemplify citizen leadership, from your actions in your professional and personal communities, to participation in Segal Program offerings, to networking and reaching out to one another. Another way you can #segalfellowsgive to the Program is by sharing your identity as a Segal Fellow with others. Highlighting that you are a Segal Fellow helps people know your connection to our nationally-known Program and Network, and it also helps others learn about the Segal Program as they get to know you.

Ways you can be a Brand Ambassador:

  • Identify yourself as a Segal Fellow on your resume and LinkedIn Page, in your email signature, and whenever you're sharing information about yourself (Don't just mention the location and role you had in your summer internship, also list yourself as a lifelong Segal Fellow)
  • Wear Segal Fellow accessories (i.e. pins) and mention that you're a lifelong Segal Fellow during interviews or pictures that will be shared publicly
  • Mention your Segal Fellow status while sharing your professional and community experiences or when highlighting your continued connections with other Fellows or the larger Segal Network
  • Share stories of your Fellow experiences on social media using #segalfellows, #segalnetwork, or #impactoftogether

How to include Fellow Based Branding on your resume or LinkedIn Page:

LinkedIn Language
  • Placement: Experience or Awards/Accomplishments (as you see fit)

  • Title: Segal Fellow

  • Company: The Eli J. & Phyllis N. Segal Citizen Leadership Program 

    In LinkedIn, the logo should pop up if you start with “Eli J. & Phyllis N.”
Resume Language
  • Location: Leave blank or use your present location, as a lifelong Segal Fellow

  • Time frame: Year you were inducted through present (lifelong Fellowship)

  • Brief Description: Segal Program Overview, How you’re involved, Your internship (if applicable)

    • Sample: “Selective lifelong Fellowship that provides training and professional development to emerging citizen leaders, supported by an intentional network of over 125 other Segal Fellows and 600 diverse partners from multiple sectors.  Fellows learn from and work with the Segal Network to effectively tackle society's most pressing social issues. Currently attend virtual leadership development workshops and biannual leadership retreat [and serve on new-Fellow selection committee… or include some other Fellow leadership role you play, like facilitating a training or serving as a buddy]. [2017 Segal Summer Internship developing health care policy in the office of MA State Senator Jane Doe.]”

    • We ask that you please use the common language “Selective lifelong Fellowship that provides training and professional development to emerging citizen leaders.”

  • We suggest that you also post your summer or year-long internship (if applicable) as its own post in your “Experience” section, including in your description that you were there as a Segal Fellow.

  • Don’t forget to mention your Segal Fellowship in interviews (job and informational), as you never know who has a connection to the network, other Fellows, or the Segal legacy.