Professional Development

2016 MPP Segal Fellows Dan McConvey and Brie McLemore, and 2013 Brandeis Segal Fellow Jenn Recinos networking at 2016 Segal Fellow Retreat

Along with having lifetime access to the Program's ever-expanding Segal Network, Segal Fellows also have access to resources from the Segal Program and information from Founders and partners regarding upcoming job opportunities. 


Virtual Discussion of Second CoP hosted by Leila Quinn (first picture on top left)

Political-Engagement-Focused Community of Practice 

On May 20, we were thrilled to have 13 Segal Fellows and staff members, including host and 2018 Segal Fellow Leila Quinn, join together for our second Community of Practice (CoP) for politically-engaged Fellows. The important topic of discussion was about how to connect and build understanding across  political values and beliefs. Thanks to Leila for her skillful facilitation and to all who participated. Those on last night’s CoP encouraged other Fellows to check out the readings: Essential Partners' "Reaching Across the Divide" and a 2016 New York Times article "Talking Across Divides: 10 Ways to Encourage Civil Classroom Conversation On Difficult Issues."  Contact Susie to sign up for or volunteer to host future CoPs.

Communities of Practice (CoPs) "are groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.” The main components include:
-“A shared domain of interest” (in this case, political engagement),
-A community, where “members engage in joint activities and discussions, help each other, and share information,” and
-Development of “a shared repertoire of resources: experiences, stories, tools, ways of addressing recurring problems—in short a shared practice.”

To join our Community of Practice or volunteer to host a future session, contact Susie (flugsilva(at)



Fellows can still sign up to use annual professional development funds from the Segal Program to sign up for The BeIMPACTFUL Program, which works to inspire and guide professionals to elevate their communication skills and amplify their power of influence. Anita Yip (2012 AC Alums Segal Fellow) took part in the program this month and shared about her #segalfellowsget:

"Every chance I have to learn more and better understand myself is a gift, and the BeIMPACTFUL Program's detailed assessment not only shines a mirror to my behavior and values but also provides ideas for being more effective and staying more motivated."
-Anita Yip (2012 AC Alums Segal Fellow)

To sign up for the free-to-you program, just email Ilhiana at, and identify yourself as a Segal Fellow signing up for the tailored BeIMPACTFUL Program.



Rhonda Shackleford-Ulmer Leadership Development Fund

Fellows can apply for funding (usually up to $280) each year to support your growth as a Citizen Leader. 

Acceptable uses for funds have included:

  • Conference entry costs
  • Travel costs for trainings and events
  • Financing Certification Programs

To apply: please fill out this form with all relevant information on your upcoming development opportunity