Eli J. & Phyllis N. Segal Citizen Leadership Program

Antiracism Resources

Segal Program Equity, Inclusion, and Antiracism Resources and Events

The Segal Citizen Leadership Program continues to deepen and prioritize our work on equity, inclusion, and antiracism. In 2020, we mourned the killings of Rayshard Brooks, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and we continue to mourn and learn from the violent losses of so many other Black and Brown people, as we foster education and action in opposition to the systemic racism, police violence, and antiblackness that plague the country. More recently, we have remembered the impact and legacy of the Tulsa Race Massacre on its 100th anniversary and have also focused our conversations and programming on the long and deep history of anti-Asian racism in this country and on the need to recognize and fight the recent rise in violence and hate against the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community.

Among other important tenets, The Segal Program holds as one of it's Citizen Leadership Core Competencies that Segal Fellows should strive and be able to:

  • Communicate, collaborate, and learn with multiple diverse communities and know that successful change efforts must understand the role of privilege in society and honor diversity of thought, lessons and individuals.

As we strive to create a Fellowship and Program that will foster inclusion and belonging for all of our Fellows, as we highlight and provide education and professional development around equity, inclusion, and antiracism, as we celebrate and promote the work of our Fellows, Founders, and partners, and as we foster opportunities for dialogue and action, we seek to support and learn from one another and to continue to improve ourselves. All of our core competencies, including our first one to "Understand the background and history of social policy, social movements and efforts to promote social justice, and then apply this knowledge when seeking solutions to contemporary social issues and problems" are crucial to us and to our Fellows as we strive to make the country and world more just.

This page highlights some of the resources and events that we have offered or will be offering that relate to our equity, inclusion, and antiracism work. We welcome any resources or feedback that you want to share. Please feel free to contact the Segal Program Director at segalnetwork(at)brandeis.edu.

Segal Fellow and staff discussion following the murder of George Floyd

Our Curriculum

Our Segal Citizen Leadership Curriculum includes a focus on equity, inclusion, and antiracism work. Some examples of relevant topics include:

  • The Cultural Competence Continuum; Identity Circles; Developing Shared Equity and Inclusion Language; Matrix of Social Identities, Privilege, and Oppression; White Fragility; Bringing Your Full Self to Your Citizen Leadership; White Supremacy Culture; Questioning and Recognizing Imposter Syndrome.

We are always looking to expand our curriculum based on the input of our Fellows and partners. You can learn more about our curriculum online, or share your ideas by contacting Segal Program Director Susie Flug-Silva at (flugsilva@brandeis.edu).

We strive to support all of our emerging leaders and all styles of leadership, while acknowledging and fighting systemic oppression. Many of our Fellows share with us and each other about their experiences with imposter syndrome. One example of our discussions with Fellows: this HBR article by Ruchika Tulshyan and Jodi-Ann Burey’s, which encourages us to question the systemic racism and bias that cause those feelings.

Our Events and Trainings

The education, professional development, and networking that we provide to our Fellows and partners highlights our focus on equity, inclusion, and antiracism. Take a look at our upcoming events (including a summer 2021 Fellow-led Segal Program Racial Justice/Antiracism Summit), past events, and recent retreat sessions for more information.

Our Fellows and Partners

Olivia Nichols '19, Brandeis Segal Fellow, and Carolyn Chou of AARW
2019 Segal Fellow Olivia Nichols with her internship host Carolyn Chou from the AARW

The Segal Program works to support and highlight the work of our Fellows and our partners, many of whom focus on equity and antiracism in their work and other community leadership.


Our University Community

Segal Fellow Alex Montgomery presenting at the Heller School on the impact of the Ford Hall demonstrations

Brandeis UniversityThe Heller School, and The Center for Youth and Communities have expanded their focus on equity and inclusion over recent years.

  • As one recent example, in January 2021, The Heller School engaged students, faculty and staff in a 21-day Racial Equity Challenge, and Segal Fellows and staff took part. The powerful resources are still available here for those who wish to take the challenge or review individual materials. 2021 Heller Segal Fellow Pierrce Holmes helped manage the challenge and engage students, and he received special recognition for (among other leadership roles) creating a 21 Day Spotify Playlist as an accompaniment for those participating in the challenge

The Segal Program also recognizes and celebrates the lasting impact of the 1969 and 2015 Ford Hall demonstrations, which worked to promote and bring attention to racial justice within Brandeis.