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10th Anniversary Luncheon with group of Segal Fellows and Phyllis Segal

There are several ways you can support and become a part of our growing Segal Network of people committed to solving society's most intractable problems and supporting the development of emerging citizen leaders. Whether you want to become a donor, host an internserve as a mentor, or share your wisdom in other ways, we're excited to connect with you and appreciate your involvement.


Segal Partner/Founder (Re)Connection Survey

Whether you're a longtime founder, a potential new partner, or anyone in between, we need your updated contact information and details about how you would like to connect with our Fellows and Program. Unfortunately, while the Segal Network has grown over the past 12 years, our information has fallen out of date. Please take our brief survey here to share your responses.

To learn more about becoming a Segal Program partner, contact Program Director Susanna Flug-Silva.

“Eli loved nothing more than to connect people to ‘get things done.’ The Segal Program has continued the tradition by creating a community of leaders for the common good, focused on improving their communities, the country and the world, and supporting each other in the process. Every Segal Fellow I meet gives me hope for the future, and a sense that the legacy of commitment at the center of Eli and Phyllis’ lives will live on for generations.”

Segal Founder AnnMaura Connolly