Fellows in Action

2019 Segal Fellow Retreat

Fellows, Staff and Partners at the 2019 Segal Fellow Retreat at Babson College in Wellesley, MA
On November 1-3, more than 60 Fellows, Founders, and Partners met at Babson College in Wellesley MA for the bi-annual Segal Fellow Retreat. Fellows from 2008-2019 met to share their experiences, offer resources and guidance, and enjoy activities to inspire their impact of together.

Fellow Spotlight: Angelina Hwang

Because of the Segal Program, I now believe that I am a citizen leader capable of great, positive change, and because of my summer internship, I know that I do belong in the field that I am passionate about.

 I have always loved working with children because they say the "darndest" things. For example, my two sisters, who are my everything say the wildest, most unpredictable statements which make me appreciate the value of listening and relating to others. I spend majority of my time with either them or students with disabilities, especially children with autism and down syndrome. Their behaviors often vary from day to day, however I realize that it’s through my empathy and consideration to their challenges that allows me to hopefully be an ally for them. Going to Brandeis my focus was to bridge the equitable education gap for these students since I believe education is empowerment. Through the Segal Fellowship, I interned this summer at The Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, which confirmed my commitment to continue working with individuals with disabilities. I have recently decided to postpone taking the GRE and applying to graduate school until I discover which route to pursue to best advocate for students with disabilities whether that may be through behavioral therapy, educational psychology, or educational policy.

Angie Hwang presenting at the 10/7 Segal Fellows in Action Event

I am finishing up my undergraduate adventures this December, a whole semester earlier than I expected to be done which makes me excited yet anxious. It is terrifying not to know where I will be in a couple months, but I am confident about the future as I remember that I have the support of the Segal Network and The Center. I will be graduating as a Psychology and Education Studies major with a minor in Legal Studies. This semester, I have the exciting opportunities to intern at the Office of the Child Advocate, an independent government agency ensuring that all state agencies provide quality services to all children in the Commonwealth, and work with twins with autism.

Being a part of the Segal Network has been a true blessing. I found a community that is just as passionate about working for the common good as I am. Before connecting with my Segal Buddy and The Center, I had no one to talk to about the field I am passionate about, because I did not know anyone who had gone down similar paths as mine. I felt silly going on and on about my passions to people, because I did not know if they feel the same way I do about neurodiverse advocacy. Before my summer internship, I did not have a mentor that inspired me to continue working with individuals with disabilities, but now, I have amazing mentors- Jeanne Anne, Nick, Hazel, and Pedro at The Center- to look up to. Before our cohort meetings, I knew about citizen leadership but had never viewed myself as a citizen leader. I have occupied leadership positions since running for Vice President in 8th grade on a whim and being class president all throughout high school. However I had always doubted my abilities to be a leader that actually facilitates meaningful change. The Segal Program has significantly transformed this mindset of mine.

Angie Hwang (Pictured third from the left) with colleagues from The Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Meet our 2019 National Service Segal Fellows

The Segal Program is thrilled to announce and welcome our 2019 National Service Segal Fellows, in partnership with AmeriCorps Alums @ Service Year Alliance and City Year. 

Diondre Morales, Interim Coordinator, Key Learning Communities Renee Gaillard, Program Manager, Critical Exposure
Darius Caffey, Graduate Research Assistant, University of Missouri Raquel Lynn Perez, Registered Nurse, Miriam Hospital


Congratulations to our 2019 Brandeis Segal Fellow Cohort on presenting live and virtually on their summer internships! Full video of the presentations can be found on the Segal YouTube Page

2019 Brandeis Segal Fellows Ashley White, Leah Shafer, Sohaima Khilji, Angie Hwang, and Imani Islam pose with  Segal Program, Center for Youth and Communities staff, Heller Dean David Weil and Phyllis and Jon Segal
Top row, left to right: Segal Program Coordinator Kyle Richard, Jon Segal, CYC Director Susan Curnan, Jeff Lemberg, Phyllis Segal, Heller School Dean David Weil, Segal Program Director Susie Flug-Silva, and Senior Program Administrator Lanni Isenberg. Bottom row, left to right: 2019 Brandeis Segal Fellows Ashley White, Leah Shafer, Sohaima Khilji, Angie Hwang, and Imani Islam.

The Segal Program is a source of inspiration, encouragement and energy. Individual passions drive collective progress. It has helped me expand my connections and resources and my understanding of and respect for social justice issues that aren’t my personal passions." - Julie Livingstone, 2007 CNCS Segal Fellow