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Congratulations 2021 National Service Segal Fellows


Congratulations to our 2021 National Service Segal Fellows

Congratulations to our four newest AmeriCorps Segal Fellow (formerly CNCS Fellow) and AmeriCorps Alums @ Service Year Alliance Segal Fellows, who are all joining our 2021 National Service Cohort. These inspiring and dedicated citizen leaders are joining a Network of over 140 lifelong Segal Fellows making an impact across a wide range of issue areas and sectors. Through their participation in the Segal Program, Fellows are supported with professional development, leadership resources, and a powerful community with which to continue their growth as an agent for social change.

Our AmeriCorps and AmeriCorps Alums Segal Fellows were selected from a large pool of inspiring candidates. In addition to joining the Segal Program, our AmeriCorps Alums Fellows receive an honorarium from Service Year Alliance and work with them to promote national service, and our AmeriCorps Fellow will spend the coming year in a paid Fellowship with AmeriCorps supporting their mission and work and helping launch Public Health AmeriCorps and other COVID-19 recovery efforts.

You can read their full bios online.

Segal Fellow Spotlight: Damond Ford

2011 City Year Segal Fellow Damond Ford

Because of the Segal Program, I am a better leader. I am able to tap into the expertise of 100s of leaders from every industry of American society.


I have many goals, but one of my primary goals in life is to be a support to the community.  By supporting students in their post secondary efforts, I'm supporting the community. Most of my work is focused on supporting the community by making better schools. Ultimately I want to open a charter school focused on producing compassionate, and civically engaged citizens.This past year and a half has focused me on the work that needs to be done locally. Everyone has been focused on national movements and national stories, but the local school boards, city councils and state legislatures are passing laws that affect my family and people who look and live like my family. I've found myself engaged more with local elections and local laws. It is also easier to get attuned to movements close to me by virtual means.

Pictured Above: Damond with co-counselor during college and career summer program

I am the Associate Director of the NH GEAR UP Alliance through the New Hampshire College and University Council. My job entails management of a 1.6 million dollar a year grant serving students in the Manchester School District. This includes management of 8 specialists and coordinators, serving over 2,000 students. I also am an integral part of community and school relationships including school-based administration. As one front office secretary called me, “Mr. GEAR UP.”  And when I'm not studying for my MBA program, hanging out with the smartest and coolest nine year old and six year olds. I'm also heavily involved in local education programming, including my school's PTO, and other initiatives focused on improving schools for students and families.

As a Segal Fellow, I have been actively involved over the past 10 years in serving as a Segal Buddy, reviewer and interviewer of Segal Fellow applicants, and welcoming new Fellows at our Bi-annual Segal Fellow Retreats. Through reflection with other Fellows about the direction of the Program, I was part of developing and guiding a new learning community around Racial Justice and Antiracism work, which kicked off in August, and is now adding affinity and caucus groups for Fellows to have brave and safe spaces for conversations on directing the Program towards realizing the goals of antiracist work. As society reflects and adjusts to the history and current state of racial tension in this country, it is important that civically engaged folks, like those in the Segal Program, become aware of their own journeys. We have established a way for Fellows to reflect on their own journey and to be able to discuss with others with like experiences.


Pictured Above: Damond Ford speaking about Fellow experience at 2019 Segal Fellow Retreat

Being a Fellow with the Segal program  has meant a lot to me. I found some life long friends, but also a network of change makers. These change makers do the work that is necessary without the fanfare of recognition. And the Segal Program has some of the best people on the planet, so it's easy to speak highly of the program and the Fellows. I make it a regular part of my professional and personal life to check in with my support systems and network with the Segal Program. Whether it’s checking in with Fellows I’ve met over text, meeting often for our monthly convenings, or offering wisdom as a Fellow, I truly enjoy the friendship, fellowship, and support I have received from being part of this community.


Flyer for 2021 Brandeis Segal Fellow Internships

2021 Segal Summer Internships

Congratulations to our 2021 Brandeis Segal Fellows on their summer internships, and thank you to our organizational partners. This year our Fellows tackled issues related to HIV & health equity, childcare and student debt initiatives in Boston, racial equity policy, policing reform, international peace building, youth immigration, and education advocacy through law. The 2021 Segal Summer Internship page has full details on each internship, our partners, and their great work together  this summer to promote social justice.



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