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Segal Fellow Spotlight: Leila Quinn

Leila Quinn, Segal Fellow

Because of the Segal Program, I have found a supportive community in which I can share openly and grow deeply.

As a Segal Fellow, one of the tools we’ve learned is to incorporate our values and goals into our everyday lives and continuously seek to improve ourselves and our communities. It is so important as leaders, once we've made it up the first few rungs of the ladder, to help the next generation of leaders coming up behind us. Given the state of our country and world these days, I have turned my attention on bringing up those who are coming along behind me and giving back to my community. Coincidentally, I also find myself now in the mid-career stage of life, so I am in a position to "pay it forward" more than I ever have been before. As much as possible, I give informational interviews, mentorship, or connections to others in my field and put my race, class, and educational privilege to use on others' behalf. In addition, via my political activism, I am sharing the deep housing policy knowledge I gained at the Heller School, as a kitchen cabinet member for a candidate with whose community-centered values I align. It has been great to access the Segal Network, both during and after my time at Heller, including most recently with members of my 2018 Cohort to check-in and discuss where we are and how we can support each other.
Segal Fellows having a discussion around a table
Pictured Above Leila (third from left) talking with members of the 2018 Segal Fellow Cohort and with Segal Fellows Jade Eckels and LaShawn Simmons

I currently work as a Senior Consultant at Zelus Consulting Group. I am also serving in a volunteer capacity on the policy cabinet for a Boston Mayoral candidate. Professionally, my goal is to become an expert in government from all angles. I have worked as an advocate and organizer influencing policy makers, I have extensive campaign experience, I have worked in both state and local government, and now, I am consulting to government and government-adjacent organizations. After finishing the dual MPP/MBA program at Heller, I wanted a job that let me use both degrees and aligned with my ethic as a citizen leader. My current job fulfills all of that for me. I consider it to be "consulting with a cause."

Through the Segal Network, I have been able to connect with others who, like me, want to make the world a better place for everyone. Members of the Segal Network have provided life and career advice, provided a couch to crash on when traveling, brainstormed topics and resources for my masters capstone, and continued to keep me grounded in our collective values of leadership and social justice. I have found many friends and connections through my time in Segal, and it has helped me shape my citizen leadership journey.

Pictured Above: (left to right) Segal Fellows Qiong Lin, Madison Matthews, Leila Quinn and Cali Moore at the 2019 Segal Fellow Retreat

February Convening: Segal Network Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic 

On February 25, 201 Segal Fellows Raquel Lynn Perez and Imani Islam joined a panel discussion with Program Founders and Partners, Tom Freedman and Maria White from Freedman Consulting and Arnie Kanter, Carol Kanter, and Janis Mendelsohn from Innovation80. Together the group discussed ways in which their individual responses varied to growing needs of the COVID-19 Pandemic. You can view video from the panel conversation below:

Congratulations to our seven newest Brandeis Undergraduate and Heller MPP Segal Fellows: Maria Aranibar, Pierrce Holmes, Adam Jones, Mariela Martinez, Catherine Romero, Marissa Torelli, and Andrea Tyree, who will all join our 2021 Brandeis Segal Fellow Cohort and become lifelong Segal Fellows. 

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“The Segal Program is a source of inspiration, encouragement and energy. Individual passions drive collective progress. It has helped me expand my connections and resources and my understanding of and respect for social justice issues that aren’t my personal passions.”

Julie Livingstone, 2007 CNCS Segal Fellow