Eli J. & Phyllis N. Segal Citizen Leadership Program

Segal Fellows in The Media and Arts

There is no one way to be a citizen leader. Segal Fellows are prepared and ready to tackle some of the most intractable challenges the world faces today. One way they do this is by utilizing different media forms to make their voices heard and to elevate the voices of those that do not have the same opportunities or access. Below are a few examples of how Fellows use creativity-and the media-to spread the word about things that matter to them.

Articles and Op-Eds

Many of our Fellows are regular or special guest contributors to written articles and opinion editorials. They are able to use this medium to tackle specific issues and the nuances that affect them.

2013 Brandeis Segal Fellow Jenn Recinos
Parks & Recreation magazine - 2013 Brandeis Segal Fellow Jenn Recinos discusses the importance and necessity of public parks in the Rhode Island area.
2008 Brandeis Segal Fellow Jordan Rothman

Above the Law - 2008 Brandeis Segal Fellow Jordan Rothman discusses issues related to law, worker rights and the student debt crisis.



David's article on politics in small towns

Jacobin Magazine -  2012 Heller MPP Segal Fellow David Duhalde discusses democratic socialism, politics and human rights.






Podcasts and Interviews

According to Forbes Magazine, 144 Million Americans regularly listen to podcasts. As this medium gets more popular, it becomes a valuable tool for Fellows to increase their presence and visibility when pressing for social change.
Higher Unlearning Podcast

Higher Unlearning - 2018 City Year Segal Fellow Le’otis Boswell-Johnson,  with co-host Bianca Wright, analyzes and discusses the traditions, systems, and ideals that have infiltrated the Black experience.



Advice for Life with Lynn - with Special Guest 2011 Brandeis Segal Fellow Amber Kornreich  discusses how people can have a peaceful and happy transition through divorce.


Music and Art

As the Segal Program develops, the number of our Fellows involved in art and music as tools for social change grows. Many Segal Fellows use artistry in all of its forms as a part of their citizen leadership.

2017 Segal Fellow Marcelo Brociner

2017 Brandeis Segal Fellow Marcelo Brociner (stage name Jerome B.) uses his hip-hop music to bring to light issues of gentrification and housing in his community of Somerville, which gained visibility and press in local news


2013 City Year Segal Fellow Stephen Larbi has co-founded and supported slam poetry in his hometown of Providence, RI. An example of his poetry can be found on the City Year blog.


Ebony Axis - 2017 Brandeis Segal Fellow LaShawn Simmons created a zine dedicated to restoring the humanity of  Black women by highlighting creative writing and artwork from Black women artists. She is currently a 6th grade STEM teacher, infusing the arts to create culturally relevant material that ultimately makes a safer learning environment for her students. 

2021 Heller MPP Segal Fellow Pierrce Holmes

2021 Heller MPP Segal Fellow Pierrce Holmes, worked with The Heller School's Equity Inclusion, and Diversity Team to create a racial justice playlist to reaffirm Black excellence, joy and political messaging, as a part of the school's 21-day racial equity challenge. 

Check out our interview with Pierrce