Eli J. & Phyllis N. Segal Citizen Leadership Program

Segal Fellow/Founder 2020 Election Spotlight

"Taking Election Action" Participants Pictured Above (Left to Right, Top to Bottom) Program Coordinator Kyle Richard, Director Susie Flug-Silva, 2008 Segal Fellow Jason Gray, 2020 Segal Fellow Paul Nolan, 2019 Segal Fellow Leah Shafer, (not pictured) 2020 Segal Fellow Irma Zamarripa
2014 Segal Fellow David Duhalde (pictured on left) at a get out the vote event in PA

Fellow Election Spotlight

2014 Heller/MPP Segal Fellow David Duhalde: I am a Senior Candidate Services Liaison for NYC Campaign Finance Board. In a volunteer role, I serve as the DSA Fund Vice-Chair doing public education around democratic socialism. I am also on the DSA's International Committee steering committee. My goals and aspirations are to help people get jobs. I have a jobs list that I send on a weekly basis and am happy to add fellows looking for work. To help assist in the election for the BIPOC community, I have led get out the vote drives in communities most marginalized by voter suppression.

Pictured: Segal Program Founder Cori Flam special guest speaker at Founder election based event

Founder Election Spotlight

On October 15th, 2020, Segal Founders and others, including Phyllis Segal, Arnie Kanter, Marcia Greenberger and Ernest Haddad, co-hosted a conversation on how lawyers -- practicing, retired, recovering -- could support electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the final weeks of the campaign. They discussed how lawyers could use their skills to protect voters in this election. More specifically, they explained how you can become a remote voter protection volunteer. 

With special guest and Segal Founder Cori Flam (Pictured Left), Statewide Co-Lead Counsel for Voter Protection for the Florida Democratic Party, the panel consisted of practicing, recovered and retired lawyers who live in places where there is no concern to their vote being counted talking about how to help those who don't have secure voting access.


October 2020 Fellow Spotlight Irma Zamarripa

Because of the Segal Program, I was able to explore my identity as a leader who is passionate about social justice. 

Growing up in Texas, I always understood the importance of using my voice and intersecting identities as catalysts for positive social change. Upon entering college, I learned what it meant to think critically about issues I am passionate about, like education and community political engagement. As a Segal Fellow, I was excited to be matched with NALEO Educational Fund for my Segal Summer Internship. At first, I wanted to gain a better understanding of the role nonprofit organizations have in raising awareness about important issues like the 2020 Census and voting. After finishing this internship, I achieved this goal and was able to envision myself as a future leader in the realm of law and politics.