Eli J. & Phyllis N. Segal Citizen Leadership Program

Segal Program Racial Justice & Antiracism Learning Community

Racial Justice Learning Community Event Flyer

We're excited to announce the expansion of our Segal Program Racial Justice & Antiracism Summit into an ongoing Racial Justice & Antiracism Learning Community. We kicked off the learning community with virtual, live sessions for all Fellows in August with asynchronous learning and reflection opportunities to pursue on your own time in August/September, early October reflection sessions, and additional workshops, discussions, and affinity/caucus spaces to follow over the fall and beyond. Our Fall Antiracism Workshops are scheduled, one each, for October, November, and December (see below for details).

Hear from CRED Consultant Emerald Anderson-Ford, on avoiding racial equity detours, and staying engaged in racial justice and antiracism work.

Learning Community Fireside Chat: Tuesday, November 9th, 7-8pm EST Emerald Anderson-Ford, of CRED, will be hosting a fireside chat around measures of individual and daily accountability as we move along our journey of anti-racism. While there are no definitive answers on how to do the work of manti-racism, it is important for us to be intentional about our actions and choices on a daily basis. This will give us all an opportunity to brainstorm what that may look like.
If you haven't received the calendar invite and would like to attend, please reach out to Susie or Kyle for more information.
  1. Fall Workshops 

Hear from Segal Fellow Gabby about why you should join our workshop sessions.

October-December: Fall Antiracism Workshops with Mikel Brand Oliver of Mpact Consulting 
  • Pursuing Antiracism Within Myself - October workshop video available upon request
  • Pursuing Antiracism with Others (work/community/beyond) - Thurs. 11/18 12:30-2pm EST (register here)
  • Pursuing Antiracism Systemically - Wed. 12/8 4-5:30pm EST (register here)

Wish to join, but need to know how to engage?

We estimate that active LC participation will take at least 2 hours per month, on average 2-5 hours per month, between now and January 2021, with a new/ongoing phase taking shape in 2021. While not all Fellows will be able to participate in all offerings, the group expects that Fellows in the LC will have at least one active participation per month (whether in all-LC sessions, affinity/caucus groups, workshops, or asynchronous experiences). You can join us in the LC at any time that you're ready to start, and there are welcome materials that you can review at your own pace.

If you'd like to join us, you can register here for the learning community and can still watch the video or see the discussion notes from August's Kick Off sessions (contact Susie or Kyle for Fellow access). We also invite you to read/watch/reflect on the on-your-own time RJAR LC learning and reflection opportunities for August/September, which are available here. They include a brief (14-minute) required welcome/frameworks video from our Equity Consultant Emerald Anderson-Ford.
The fall is about building this LC community. If you'd like to join us, please:
  • Let us know which affinity/caucus groups you would like to join when you register for the LC. Our Affinity/Caucus Group Conveners are reaching out to Fellows in their groups.
  • Review the welcome/frameworks materials.
  • Join our general RJAR LC Slack Channel for communications/sharing across all LC members and/or request access to our shared RJAR LC folder.
  • Encourage other Segal Fellows to join this RJAR LC.