RCRC Focus Areas


The RCRC has chosen five sectors to focus on over the next year - all of them focused on building healthy communities. We want to highlight that we welcome members of the learning community from all sectors - we see great value in receiving feedback on your work from community members who are outside your sector and may view things with a different lens. Additionally, as the RCRC grows, these focus areas will continue to be updated and there is room for additional sectors as we continue to grow.

  • Innovative Healthcare - Healthy communities provide high quality acute and long-term healthcare needed by their citizens.
  • Community Health and Wellness - Addressing health in the community reduces disparities.
  • Public Safety - Community safety and crime prevention are prerequisites for healthy communities.
  • Education - Inclusive education at all levels is a foundation for healthy communities.
  • Private Sector Industries - Healthy communities thrive under optimal economic conditions.