Mentor Match-Ups

What Is A Mentor Match-Up?

RCRC Student Partners can apply to be paired with a mentor and Faculty and Professional Partners can apply to be paired with a peer mentoring partner. 

Program Structure

  • You will be introduced to your mentor/mentee.
  • We recommend you meet at least 4 times during the 9 months of the program. Meetings/contacts can be by phone, Skype, email or in person.
  • We recommend mentor/mentee pairs to schedule their first meeting immediately after they are introduced.
  • We recommend you agree in your first meeting on specific goals and objectives that support the desires of both parties. We also recommend that you decide who will be responsible for initiating and scheduling the meetings.
  • The mentor and mentee may reach out to for confidential advice at any time.
  • We will check in with you twice during the process to learn how you are doing – what has worked well and what hasn’t – and to provide an opportunity to make any needed corrections.


How do you match mentor/mentee/co-mentor pairs?

We will do our very best to match you based on mutual interests and location, but we cannot guarantee that each person who applies to the program will be matched.

What if I am struggling in my partnership?

A pair may or may not feel they have immediate “chemistry” – however, their connection is likely to develop and prove beneficial. The key to a successful relationship is mutual respect and genuine willingness to help and be helped.

Please contact us at for confidential advice.


If you are interested in the program, please contact

Note: We are greatly indebted to The Boston Club Mentoring Program and have drawn heavily from their materials to guide the development of RCRC Mentor Match-Ups.