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Each month, RCRC partners come together virtually as a learning community of researchers and practitioners working on and studying organizational change. On RC Cafes, partners can present their work, lead a discussion about any topic of mutual interest or seek advice regarding a challenge they are facing with a specific initiative. Partners can also access recordings of past RC Partner Cafes through the Partner Portal. Please note that we do not always record RC Cafes due to confidentiality.

Research Findings Database

This database is a summary of findings from more than 70 empirical papers (peer-reviewed journal articles, dissertations and working papers) about relational coordination, across multiple industries in over a dozen countries. Contact Tanya Allain at to gain access to "Outcomes and Predictors of Relational Coordination: Empirical Assessment of an Emerging HRM Theory" by Jody Hoffer Gittell and Caroline Logan of Brandeis University.

  • Outcomes of relational coordination include efficiency and financial outcomes, quality and safety outcomes, client engagement, worker engagement, as well as learning and innovation.
  • Predictors of relational coordination include structures such as selecting for teamwork, shared accountability and rewards, shared conflict resolution mechanisms, boundary spanner roles, shared information systems and more.

Although we value pure theory papers about relational coordination, they are not included in this database.

Use this database to review the literature on empirical RC findings and determine areas of focus for your own RC research.

RC Intervention Database

This database includes summaries of relational coordination intervention projects. All projects used baseline measures of relational coordination to diagnose the current state, and most projects include at least one follow-up RC survey to assess the impact of the intervention. Some projects also include other performance outcomes.

The information in this database illustrates the variation in how baseline measurements are used, in the context and motivation for change, in the types of interventions – relational, work process and structural – included in the change process, and in the extent to which desired performance outcomes are measured and achieved.

Use this database to Inform the design of your own RC intervention and conduct research about RC interventions.

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