2019 RCRC Roundtable

Evolving the Future: Toward a Science of Intentional Change, October 11-12, 2019 Catalyst HTI, Denver Colorado

Solving complex challenges often requires relational coordination across multiple entities, based on shared goals, shared knowledge, and mutual respect. The 9th Annual RCRC Roundtable will showcase efforts where relational coordination across individuals, groups, organizations, and sectors has contributed to the development of innovative solutions.  

We welcome leaders, change agents and researchers to share their work and to identify new opportunities to apply the transformative approach of relational coordination in their own work.

Catalyst HTI, an innovation ecosystem that brings together the private sector, government, academic and non-profit organizations with healthcare providers and payers to deliver impactful change, will host us in Denver's River North Art District. Through this first-of-its-kind ecosystem and the welcoming activities, our host committee will introduce us to a dynamic mix of the old and the new Colorado. 

Keynote speakers include David Sloan Wilson, an evolutionary biologist who is known for his steadfast and highly creative support for group selection theory and the importance of altruism in a period when the notion was considered beyond the pale by most biologists.  Dr. Wilson serves as a Distinguished Professor of Biological Sciences and Anthropology at Binghamton University and as co-founder of the Evolution Institute.

Save the date for the 9th Annual RCRC Roundtable - Evolving the Future: Toward a Science of Intentional Change - in Denver, Colorado on Friday & Saturday, October 11-12, 2019.  Registration coming soon!
"The Roundtable gave me insight towards a very concrete case I have to crack at work."

"I really enjoy that there are practitioners and researchers at the conference together. This makes for a much richer conference than just one or the other." 

"This Roundtable reminded me that I have more RC colleagues than I remember on a day to day basis. I have an RC 'functional family' that I can lean on for ideas, advice, energy, etc."

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