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Relational Organizing for Multi-Level Systems Change Professional Development Workshop - Sponsored by ODC Division

Organized by Jody Hoffer Gittell* (Brandeis University) and John Paul Stephens* (Case Western Reserve University) 


Institutional Level - Joel Cutcher- Gershenfeld* (Brandeis University), Callie Watkins Liu* (Brandeis University), J. Philip Thompson (Office of the Mayor, City of New York)

Inter-Organizational Level - Angela Aristidou* (Warwick University), Amanda Brewster (Berkeley School of Public Health), Carsten Hornstrup* (Joint Action Denmark)

Organizational Level - Lauren Hajjar* (Suffolk University), Anna Perlmutter* (Case Western Reserve University), Claus Jebsen* (Institute for Co-Creative Leadership)

Inter-Group Level - Ninna Meier* (Aalborg University), Victoria Parker* (University of New Hampshire), Nancy Whitelaw* (Nevans Consulting)

Inter- and Intra-Personal Levels - Yaminette Diaz-Linhart* (Brandeis University), Jeff Grim* (University of Michigan), Laura Montville* (Montville& Company)

“Hot Topics” in Health Care Management: Research Roundtables Professional Development Workshop - Sponsored by HCM Division

Organized by (in alphabetical order) Timothy Hoff (Northeastern University), Laura McClelland (Virginia Commonwealth University), Ingrid Nembhard (University of Pennsylvania), Amber Stephenson (Clarkson University), Maike Tietschert (Stanford University)

Facilitators for Roundtables (in alphabetical order) - Ariel C. Avgar (Cornell University), Yvonne Brunetto (Southern Cross University), Sandra Buttigieg (University of Malta), Tom D’Aunno (New York University), Samer Faraj (McGill University), Jody Hoffer Gittell* (Brandeis University), Larry Hearld (University of Alabama at Birmingham), Timothy Hoff (Northeastern University),Tal Katz-Navon (IDC Herzliya), Laura McClelland (Virginia Commonwealth University), Hector Rodriguez (University of California Berkeley), Sara Singer (Stanford University), Kathleen Sutcliffe (Johns Hopkins University), Robert Weech-Maldonado (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

Re conceptualizing Human Resource Management as Both Strategic and Relational - Sponsored by ODC Division and possible All Academy Theme symposium

Organized by Greg Bamber (Monash Business School) and Jody Hoffer Gittell* (Brandeis University)

Discussant - Carrie Leana (University of Pittsburgh)

Presenters -

Relational Work Systems as a Resource Dependence Response to Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations Yaminette Diaz-Linhart* (Brandeis University)

A Resource-Based View of Relational Coordination: Diminishing the Negative Impact of Role Conflict in Consulting Project Teams - Na Fu* (Trinity Business School), Patrick Flood (Dublin City University), Denise Rousseau (Carnegie Mellon University) and Tim Morris (University of Oxford)

Validation of Noncore Role Identity and its Impact on Team Functioning and Outcomes: Patient Care Technicians at a Large Teaching Hospital in Massachusetts - Olawale Olaleye* (Brandeis University) and Lauren Hajjar* (Suffolk University)

Relationship-Oriented Human Resource Practices, HR Attribution, and Performance - Qian Zhang (University of Toronto), Hao Gong* (Rutgers University) and Yuan Jiang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

Designing Healthcare Ecosystems with Relational Coordination Principles: Leveraging Technology - Sponsored by OCIS and HCM Divisions

Organized by Ina Sebastian* (MIT), Lynn Garvin* (Veterans Administration) and Farbod Hagigi* (Clinical Box)

Discussants - Elizabeth Davidson (Univeresity of Hawaii) and Christopher Miller* (Veterans Administration)

Moderator - Anne Quaadgras* (MIT)


Assessing the Impact on Performance of Information Technology that Facilitates Care Coordination and Patient Engagement Across Organizational Boundaries Within a Surgical Episode of Care - Farbod Hagigi* (Clinical Box)

VA-Community Interorganizational Care Coordination of Veterans through Relational Coordination and Health Information Technology - Lynn Garvin* (Veterans Administration) 

Applying New Ecosystem Digital Partnering Models in Healthcare - Ina Sebastian* (MIT) and Stephanie Woerner (MIT) 

Rethinking Healthcare Coordination – How Space Matters - Samer Faraj (McGill University) and Karla Sayegh (McGill University)

Towards More Inclusive Theory and Organizing: Advancements in Multi-team Systems Research - Sponsored by OB and MOC Divisions (Showcase symposium)

Organized by John Paul Stephens* (Case Western Reserve University)

Discussants - John Hollenbeck (Michigan State University) and Margaret Luciano (Arizona State University)

Presenters - Matthew Cronin (George Mason University), Marissa Shuffler (Clemson University), S. Mercedes McBride-Walker (Case Western Reserve University), John Paul Stephens* (Case Western Reserve University), Rebecca Mitchell (Michigan Sate University), Bryan Cornfield (Michigan State University), John Hollenbeck (Michigan State University) and James Matusik (Michigan State University)


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