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June Newsletter

Arachchilage, Singappuli; Premasiri, Tyronne Jayanath. (2019).Triggering Factors for Compassion Fatigue among Nurses and Nursing Interventions for Higher Compassion Satisfaction. 

Best, Colleen. Cultivating a culture of wellness in your clinic. 

Brazil, Victoria; Purdy, Eve; Alexander, Charlotte; Matulich, Jack. (2019). Improving the relational aspects of trauma care through translational simulation. Advances in Simulation, 4 (1), 10. 

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Hartmann, Christine W; Minor, Lisa; Snow, A Lynn. (2019). Development of a Program to Support VA Community Living Centers’ Quality Improvement. Federal Practitioner, 36 (5), 228.

Hustoft, Merethe, et al. (2019). The effect of team collaboration and continuity of care on health and disability among rehabilitation patients: a longitudinal survey-based study from westernQuality of Life Research.

Johnson, Paula Brysson. (2019). Caring for the Caregiver: Achieving the Quadruple Aim Through a Peer Support Program. Nurse Leader, 17 (3), 189-192.

Kossek, Ellen Ernst; Ollier-Malaterre, Ariane. (2019). Desperately seeking sustainable careers: Redesigning professional jobs for the collaborative crafting of reduced-load workJournal of Vocational Behavior.

Malhotra, Tani; Thomas, Stephanie; Arora, Kavita S. (2019). Impact of Medical Students on Patient Satisfaction of Pregnant Women in Labor and Delivery TriageMaternal and Child Health Journal.

Ning, Nan; Wang, Jue. (2019). Learning Orientation: Managing People in China’s Banking Industry from a Different Perspective. Handbook of Chinese Management. 

Rodriguez, Hector P; Boon, Bing Ying; Wang, Emily'; Shortell, Stephen M. (2019). Linking Practice Adoption of Patient Engagement Strategies and Relational Coordination to Patient‐Reported Outcomes in Accountable Care Organizations. The Milbank Quarterly. 

Rincon, Teresa A, et al. (2019). Describing Advanced Practice Provider Roles within Critical Care Teams with Tele-ICUs: Exemplars from Seven US Health Systems. Nursing Outlook.

Stevens, Merieke; van Schaik, Jan. (2019). Implementing new technologies for complex care: The role of embeddedness factors in team learningJournal of Operations Management.

Valenziano, K.B. et al. (2018). An Interprofessional Curriculum to Advance Relational Coordination and Professionalism in Early-Career Practitioners. The Journal of Teaching and Learning Resources, 14. 

Weppner, William G et al. (2018). Impact of a complex chronic care patient case conference on quality and utilization. Translational behavioral medicine, 8 (3), 366-374.

JGIM Special Issue

Cordasco, K. M., Hynes, D. M., Mattocks, K. M., Bastian, L. A., Bosworth, H. B., & Atkins, D. (2019). Improving Care Coordination for Veterans Within VA and Across Healthcare Systems. Journal of General Internal Medicine,1-3.

Gittell, J.H., Hajjar, L. (2019). Strengthening Patient-Centered Care in the VHA: A Relational Model of Change. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 1-4. 

McDonald, K. M., Singer, S. J., Gorin, S. S., Haggstrom, D. A., Hynes, D. M., Charns, M. P., . . . Ong, M. K. (2019). Incorporating theory into practice: Reconceptualizing exemplary care coordination initiatives from the US Veterans health delivery system. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 1-6.

Mohr, D. C., Benzer, J. K., Vimalananda, V. G., Singer, S. J., Meterko, M., McIntosh, N., . . . Charns, M. P. (2019). Organizational coordination and patient experiences of specialty care integration. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 1-7.

Peterson, K., Anderson, J., Bourne, D., Charns, M. P., Gorin, S. S., Hynes, D. M., . . . Yano, E. M. (2019). Health care coordination theoretical frameworks: A systematic scoping review to increase their understanding and use in practice. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 1-9.

Published by the RCRC

Hajjar, L., Moore, S., Gittell, J.H. (2019). Central Office Transformation in a Major Urban School District: A Relational Capacity Strategy. Relational Coordination Research Collaborative.