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Papers Shared in the August 2019 Newsletter

JGIM Special Issue

Cordasco, K. M., Hynes, D. M., Mattocks, K. M., Bastian, L. A., Bosworth, H. B., & Atkins, D. (2019). Improving Care Coordination for Veterans Within VA and Across Healthcare Systems. Journal of General Internal Medicine,1-3.

Gittell, J.H., Hajjar, L. (2019). Strengthening Patient-Centered Care in the VHA: A Relational Model of Change. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 1-4. 

McDonald, K. M., Singer, S. J., Gorin, S. S., Haggstrom, D. A., Hynes, D. M., Charns, M. P., . . . Ong, M. K. (2019). Incorporating theory into practice: Reconceptualizing exemplary care coordination initiatives from the US Veterans health delivery system. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 1-6.

Mohr, D. C., Benzer, J. K., Vimalananda, V. G., Singer, S. J., Meterko, M., McIntosh, N., . . . Charns, M. P. (2019). Organizational coordination and patient experiences of specialty care integration. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 1-7.

Peterson, K., Anderson, J., Bourne, D., Charns, M. P., Gorin, S. S., Hynes, D. M., . . . Yano, E. M. (2019). Health care coordination theoretical frameworks: A systematic scoping review to increase their understanding and use in practice. Journal of General Internal Medicine, 1-9.

Published by the RCRC

Hajjar, L., Moore, S., Gittell, J.H. (2019). Central Office Transformation in a Major Urban School District: A Relational Capacity Strategy. Relational Coordination Research Collaborative.