RC in Action Cafes

The RC in Action Cafe helps to build a learning community among our partners who are working on organizational change.  RC Cafes are available for partners who want to lead a discussion about any topic of mutual interest or to seek advice regarding a challenge they are facing with a specific initiative.  The RC in Action Cafe gives partners a chance to check in with each other briefly every month about themselves and their work and delve into a particular topic.

Propose a Discussion

Before each RC Cafe, all partners are invited to submit a topic to Tanya Allain (tallain@brandeis.edu), describing a challenge or opportunity you are facing (including your stage in the process and type of organization) OR a discussion that you would like to lead. Please do not divulge confidential information in the statements that you submit.

The Agenda

A typical RC in Action Cafe follows the below agenda:

5 minutes: Welcome and review Ground Rules (e.g. confidentiality, respectful interaction, being fully present)

10 minutes: Brief check-in from each participant

40 minutes: Lively conversation often including breakout sessions

5 minutes: Wrap up

How to Join

Tanya Allain will send calendar invitations to all partners. All partners who wish to participate will need to register for the cafe. If you are not a partner but would like to join, please contact us, we are happy to allow you to join one cafe as a trial.

If you are not receiving the invitations and should be, please contact us at info@relationalcoordination.org.

Fall 2018 Cafe Schedule

If you are an RCRC partner, view recordings of past RC in Action Cafes here.

Feedback from the RCRC Community – Where are we now and where are we going?

Thursday, September 20 at 10:00 am ET

Led by Jody Hoffer Gittell (RCRC) and Jim Best (Saybrook)

What does the RCRC community want to tackle? What practices do we want to cultivate? How do we want to grow and evolve? What do we produce? How does the community see itself? We want to know what is on the community’s mind and we need your feedback to improve and ensure we are moving in the right direction. Researchers and practitioners are welcome.


Weaving the Principles of Relational Coordination Into Inter-professional Education

Tuesday, October 23 at 3:00 pm ET

Led by Brenda Zierler (University of Washington), Janet Steinkamp (Grand Canyon University)and Constance Filling (Association of American Medical Colleges)

Inter-professional education allows learners in the classroom and workplace the opportunity to learn with and from individuals from other professions that impact their work. The principles of relational coordination – shared goals, shared knowledge, mutual respect and frequent, timely and problem-solving communication – are essential elements of inter-professional collaboration. Join us to learn from others in the RCRC community about their practical experiences weaving these principles into inter-professional education.


Health Systems Transformations Around the World

Friday, December 7 at 9:30 am ET

Led by Peter Tsasis and Grace Liu (York University, Canada) and Richard Wylde and Rachel Flemming (NHS, UK)

Current health delivery systems around the world are facing challenges due to the complex needs of patients and require integration and transformation.  In many jurisdictions, there have been some successes with cross-sectoral collaboration. However, there are also barriers due to different organizational cultures and coordinating challenges.  In order to tackle health system transformation, what can be done using the principles of relational coordination and the role of leadership?  Join us to discuss challenges and opportunities for improving health system integration and transformation.  Please feel free to share your knowledge in your jurisdiction.  Researchers and practitioners are welcome!