Eli J. & Phyllis N. Segal Citizen Leadership Program
Grace Vaughn, Segal Fellow

Grace Vaughn

2011 Heller MPP Segal Fellow

Grace Vaughn is a 2011 Heller School M.P.P. Program Fellow. After graduating from The Heller School, Grace entered a second fellowship program through which she earned her Masters in Education with a focus on Early Childhood Education — her passion. After finishing her degrees, Grace went on to teach Kindergarten in the Lexington Public Schools. During her time as a teacher, she advocated for underserved students and volunteered for multiple committees including those related to racial justice, equity and inclusion. In 2016 Grace and her wife, Heather, welcomed their first child under challenging circumstances. Their son, Ellis, was born with multiple medical and developmental special needs. Since having Ellis, she has become his fiercest advocate. Grace volunteers with the Beth Israel NICU in Boston as well in her son’s school district. Grace has three children. She is an Early Childhood Teaching Assistant with the Lemberg Children's Center at Brandeis University.

Grace is happy to connect with Segal fellows, particularly those interested in early childhood education, special education inclusion and advocacy, as well as fellows navigating the complex world of special needs parenting.