Eli J. & Phyllis N. Segal Citizen Leadership Program

Amelia Trahan

2023 Brandeis Undergraduate Segal Fellow

Amelia Trahan (she/they) is an Asian American activist born and raised in Western Massachusetts. They express their biracial identity through their studies at Brandeis University, with a double major in English and Sociology as well as a minor in AAPI Studies. As a member of the Class of 2024, she has been able to gain experience, while also forging a place in the Brandeis community through her membership in the Student Support Services Program (SSSP), FirstGen Network, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Fellowship. They have been able to gain leadership experience through their role as a writing teacher for rising high schoolers this summer at Breakthrough Collaborative, where they worked with a team of aspiring teachers to establish a safe and growing learning space for students from underserved communities. Amelia finds that her true passion is within education, and because of this, seeks to abolish racially systemic barriers that challenge the opportunities for young students of color. As a Segal Fellow, Amelia is excited to immerse herself within an educational environment geared towards erasing racial disparities while also gaining a better understanding of the different strategies that institutions are adopting to improve how they serve the greater community.