Bria Price, Segal Fellow

Bria Price

2016 AmeriCorps Alums Fellow

Bria J. Price is from Atlanta, Georgia, and graduated from the College of Wooster with a degree in Theatre and Dance. As a 2016 AmeriCorps Alums Eli J. Segal Leadership Award winner, Bria served as an AmeriCorps member at City Year Washington, D.C, from 2014-2016. In her first year, she supported an English and Language arts classroom where she tutored and mentored 5th grade students at D.C. Scholars Stanton Elementary. In her second year, she served as a team leader to provide support, perspective and insight on the AmeriCorps experience for first year AmeriCorps members. Bria continued to serve as an Impact Manager for City Year Washington, D.C., at John Hayden Johnson Middle School where she manages the school relationship and her team of first- and second-year AmeriCorps members. Bria believes that service is the gateway to consistent learning and growth because it ensures investment in community first, the world second and yourself third. She recognizes that she could not be successful at one unless she was successful at all, but to do so required personal growth as a leader. Bria is now a candidate for the Master of Public Policy at the Heller School of Social Policy and Management and envisions a career that merges social justice, education, and the arts.