Eli J. & Phyllis N. Segal Citizen Leadership Program
Angelina Hwang, Segal Fellow

Angelina Hwang

2019 Brandeis Undergraduate Segal Fellow

Angelina Hwang is a passionate advocate and ambitious learner from La Habra in Southern California. Blessed to pursue a higher education. She graduated in 2020 with her Bachelors degree in Psychology and Education Studies with a minor in Legal Studies. In all that she has done and continues to do, she hopes to empower those who cannot voice their needs, especially the neurodiverse community. With her personal philosophy of empowerment via education (she believes knowledge is power), Angie aspires to become the greatest special needs advocate she can become by academically and professionally challenging herself. She currently interns at the New England Center for Children, a school that specializes in students with severe autism, while continuing her studies in psychology and educational policy of neurodiversity. Even before working with children with special needs, Angie has always enjoyed working with youth and worked at Lemberg Children’s Center at Brandeis University. In the summers, she spends her time as a respite caregiver while working as a one-on-one specialist at an all-inclusive gym that prioritizes children with autism and Down syndrome. Through her academic and professional experiences, Angie has absolutely loved meeting various members of the neurodiverse community and cannot wait to continue exploring how to best advocate. As she learns more about neurodiversity advocacy, she grows more passionate and ambitious about what more can and needs to be done to achieve equity for this community, whether she pursues the legal or educational route.