Eli J. & Phyllis N. Segal Citizen Leadership Program

Cohort Representative Program

The Segal Program continues its commitment to creating avenues for communication, engagement, networking, and leadership among smaller groups of Segal Fellows. Our Cohort Representative program is a chance to help you continue your connections with other Fellows who shared in your same Cohort experience and started in the Program with you. 

The goals of the Program are:

  • To continue to foster community among Fellows within their cohort
  • To deepen connection opportunities among Fellows as they mature into the lifelong Program
  • To increase communication channels between cohorts and the Segal Program, with support from each Representative
  • To leverage Fellows’ leadership skills and offer formal recognition of their leadership within their cohort

For those who volunteer to take on the position of Cohort Representative, this is a light-lift position, and Fellows can transfer their role to another Fellow whenever needed. The role of Cohort Representative includes:

  • Working with us to schedule at least one virtual cohort check in each year,
  • Posting at least quarterly to your cohort listserv/whatsapp/slack channel to keep the connections rolling (we imagine this will naturally happen much more often), 
  • Sharing important communications from the Program with your cohort (like large-scale event registration, annual survey outreach, etc.) and
  • Letting us know if you want someone else to switch into the role.

Thank you to the following individual Fellows for volunteering to help continue connections with their Cohort. If you would like to to connect with the Fellow representing your Cohort, or would like to volunteer to serve as Representative please reach out to Susie.

  • 2022 Brandeis Segal Fellow Cohort: Hannah Wilcove
  • 2021 National Service Fellow Cohort: Stevie Lewis
  • 2021 Brandeis Segal Fellow Cohort: Adam Jones
  • 2020 National Service Fellow Cohort: Lamar Butler
  • 2020 Brandeis Segal Fellow Cohort: Lydia Casmier Derfler
  • 2019 National Service Segal Fellow Cohort: Raquél Pérez
  • 2019 Brandeis Segal Fellow Cohort: TBA
  • 2018 BrandeisSegal Fellow Cohort: John Valinch
  • 2016 Brandeis Segal Fellow Cohort: Jade Eckels
  • 2015 & 2016 National Service Segal Fellow Cohorts: Cali Moore
  • 2010 Brandeis & National Service Segal Fellow Cohorts: Pem Brown

Other cohorts TBA- We welcome you to volunteer for your year/stream!